Facebook employees go on virtual strike to protest Trump’s violent remarks

BEIJING, June 2 (UPI) — Facebook employees staged a “virtual strike” on Monday to protest the company’s policy toward a recent post by U.S. President Donald Trump,media reported. Dozens of Facebook employees publicly announced their involvement in the protest on Twitter, expressing disappointment and shame at Facebook executives’ decision not to delete a post Mr. Trump posted on Thursday, in which he wrote, “Take a gun if you dare to rob.” “

Facebook employees go on virtual strike to protest Trump's violent remarks

The employees said they believed such posts violated Facebook’s platform standards, and the company’s policy states that Facebook would “remove language that incites or promotes serious violence.”

Mr. Trump’s comments on Facebook and Twitter have caused huge controversy. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has tagged Trump’s Twitter messages, alerting users to his violent remarks and prohibiting users from liked or retweeted the message.

The virtual strike comes after some Facebook employees publicly criticized the company’s decision not to review Trump’s posts.

“We recognize that many people are suffering, especially in the black community. A Facebook spokesman said in a statement Monday. “We encourage employees to speak out when they disagree with the leadership. As we face more difficult decisions about content in the future, we will continue to seek honest feedback from our employees. “

Two senior Facebook employees have told their managers they plan to resign if ceo Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t change his decision not to review Trump’s posts,media reported Monday. (Tang Feng)