Poll: Over half of Americans support Twitter’s tagging of Trump tweets

A survey by a U.S. research group released late Monday found that nearly half of Americans believe Twitter is right to label a tweet by President Trump as a violation of its rules of violence,media reported. But like almost everything now, there are sharp partisan and ideological differences.

Poll: Over half of Americans support Twitter's tagging of Trump tweets

According to the survey:

Fifty-four percent of Americans support Twitter’s decision to add fact-checking tags to Trump’s tweets;

Among the rest, 26 percent said Twitter was wrong, while 20 percent neither supported nor opposed it.

Self-proclaimed liberals are more likely to support Twitter, while conservatives are more likely to oppose the decision.

Other findings include:

More than three-quarters of Americans, including 42 percent of conservatives, say that possible misrepresentation by politicians is a greater threat than the censorship that social media companies might make.

Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of Americans are concerned that inaccurate information circulating on social media could affect the 2020 election, but half are concerned that the actions taken by social media companies could have an unfair impact on the election.

Only a third of Americans support President Trump’s decision to sign an executive order that is understood to limit the power of social media companies to restrict content. Nearly half (48 per cent) opposed it, while 18 per cent said they neither supported nor opposed it;

Nearly half of those surveyed said social media companies were not politically biased, 38 percent said they were generally liberal, and 16 percent said they were conservative.