TikTok promises to promote black creators video after review strategy criticized

Tik Tok on Monday listed a series of actions that plan to address criticism of its recommended algorithms to silence black creators,media outlet The Verge reported. These steps include the launch of what the company calls the CreatorDy Committee, which aims to “recognize and promote the voices that drive important dialogue on culture, creativity, and platforms,” the company wrote in a blog post. “

TikTok promises to promote black creators video after review strategy criticized

TikTok said it would also re-evaluate its audit strategy, create a new “user-friendly” appeals process and develop a new creator portal to expand communication and “provide opportunities for our wider community of creators.”

Tik Tuesday k said it would take part in the music industry’s planned Black Out Day of Action on Tuesday to “show solidarity with the black community.” TikTok said it would close its Sounds page and close all playlists and events “to observe moments of reflection and action.” The platform pledged $3 million to nonprofits that help black communities and an additional $1 million to address “racial injustice and inequality.” However, TikTok does not list any specific organization names in its blog.

“We are grateful for being held accountable,” the company wrote. We know that getting to a place of trust requires effort, but we are committed to doing our part because we will continue to cultivate a space where everyone can be seen and heard. “

In May, TikTok users began changing their profile pictures to black power symbols in protest at censorship of black creators. According to CNN, TikTok users will take out attention on other users who don’t support the campaign, and black creators are asking non-black allies to focus on at least one new black creator. Shortly thereafter, at the height of protests against police brutality across the United States, TikTok suffered a so-called “technical glitch” that left the video posted under the hashtags “BlackLivesMatter” and “George Floyd” seemingly unviewed.

But on Friday, TikTok appeared to limit the search results for hashtags such as the hashtags “acab” and “fuckthepolice.” Users can still use these tags, but their videos don’t appear when they search for them. In December, TikTok admitted that it had suppressed videos by disabled, gay and fat creators. TikTok reviewed the videos of creators it considered “vulnerable to cyberbullying,” Slate reported. Videos of users with autism, Down syndrome, birthmarks or “slight squint” were also suppressed.