Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

When a big fire burst into flames, no one knew where its borders were. For the United States today, the fire was a national protest sparked by the death of George Floyd, an African-American man, and in the aftermath, it was a mix of violence and rioting.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

This affects not only the political situation and public opinion orientation of the United States, but also the overall social order in the United States, as well as the Economic Order and normal business activities in the United States under the epidemic.

As a result, the U.S. technology industry, represented by Apple, has not been spared.

Apple Store store smashed

At present, the protests in the United States have moved beyond peaceful demonstrations, and they are a mix of violence, including a class of destructive behavior that involves smashing supermarkets or shops and then entering them for looting.

Many of the stores that were smashed were luxury stores, such as Gucci, and Apple’s official Apple Store, the consumer electronics industry’s benchmark store, was also the target of a smash- and the smash-and-grab.

The official Apple Store retail store in Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon, has been severely damaged, according tomedia outlet Apple Insider.

The 30-foot-tall glass facade was broken on all sides – the store opened just two days ago and now needs a major external repair to reopen it to customers because of the damage.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

On the social media platform Twitter, a user named Zane Sparling posted a video about the Apple Store showing some people groping into it, then taking away some of apple products, including display devices on the desktop and inventory for sale.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Meanwhile, an Apple Store on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city, was blocked with wooden planks on Wednesday, but was still damaged and looted on Thursday, Business Insider reported.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Eyewitnesses said the looters left with powder from fire extinguishers, while the display products were looted and the display tables themselves turned low.

On Apple’s official website, the store has been closed since May 31, and the current closure has been extended until June 6.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

In addition, several Apple Stores were damaged and looted Saturday night, including Scottsdale, Arizona, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and San Francisco.

In these vandalisms and robberies, groups are often involved, the facades are destroyed, and then stolen from products such as iPhones, Macs, and police are often absent or late.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Of course, as part of its security policy, Apple uses special versions of its devices in products presented in its retail stores, which are locked to work only in stores and are not easy to follow the usual practices – meaning that those who steal Apple products from their desks receive little benefit.

But for Apple, the looting of the Apple Store in several places is still a huge loss.

It is understood that apple announced the opening of 100 US retail stores on May 26, but with the ongoing protests, apple stores have not only suffered multiple damage, but also had to close again.

Notably, on May 31st Apple said it had shut down most of its U.S.-based Apple Store for employee health and safety.

Tim Cook speaks out as Apple donates to racial equality

For apples, this loss is not small, but also “pot from the sky.”

In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has long observed and expressed support for justice in response to the death of George Floyd and the massive protests that followed – in fact, he was the first prominent U.S. tech executive to speak out for the protesters.

On May 29, Tim Cook said on Twitter:

There is a reason for the grief in Minneapolis. As Martin Luther King, leader of the Black Civil Rights Movement in the United States, put it, “negative resistance to sin” is no substitute for “positive, nonviolent resistance to sin”.

He added: ‘Justice is the only way we heal our wounds.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Tim Cook is seen in support of the massive protests over the death of George Floyd. But I’m afraid even he didn’t think that the protest itself turned into violence, and that the violence was pointing to the Apple Store.

But while Apple’s own interests were undermined by the march, Tim Cook offered further support for The Death of George Floyd: He decided to donate to groups to contribute to racial equality.

In a memo to Apple employees, Tim Cook said: ‘Apple’s mission has always been, and will always be, to create technology and make the world better changed,’ tim Cook said in a memo to Apple employees. ‘Apple has always drawn strength from diversity, welcomed people from all walks of life to our stores around the world, and strived to create an Apple that is inclusive of all.’

To that end, Tim Cook says Apple is donating to organizations such as Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit that works to challenge racial injustice, end mass incarceration, and protect the human rights of the most vulnerable in American society.

Tim Cook also said that apple will also make a pair of two-year-old employee donations through charity events at the Juneteenth festival in June.

For Apple’s black employees, Tim Cook says:

For all of your now-injured Apple colleagues, please understand: you are not alone, we have the resources to support you. It is more important than ever to talk to each other and find a cure in our common humanity. We also have free resources to help, including our Employee Assistance Program and mental health resources.

It’s worth noting that in this memo, Tim Cook didn’t mention the smashing and looting of retail stores, but it was clear that he had to worry about it.

Companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Twitter are also speaking out.

In addition to Tim Cook and Apple, a number of U.S. technology companies, as well as some prominent figures in the tech industry, have spoken out about the death of George Floyd and racial equality in the United States.

Amazon said on its official Twitter account:

The inequality and crueltreatment of black people in our country must stop. We work with black communities (our employees, customers, and partners) to fight systemic racism and injustice.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

In response, there have also been questions from Americans about how to pay employees well, rather than paying them well, and whether Amazon can stop providing face recognition monitoring technology to the police.

It’s worth noting that Amazon’s Amazon Go store in downtown Seattle was also damaged by marchers on the evening of May 29, and on May 31, Amazon adjusted some distribution routes and reduced operations in some areas because of demonstrations and protests.

Also located in Seattle, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told employees on May 29:

We need to recognize that when we take into account the voices and actions of all communities, we will be better, smarter, and stronger. I pledge that Microsoft will continue to advocate for all these voices to be heard and respected.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer also expressed his deep sadness and anger at the death of George Floyd, and that every American should be treated with equality, justice and respect, especially among black people who have been treated badly.

In Silicon Valley, technology companies are also more involved in supporting black teams, who also call for racial equality and respect for black lives.

Twitter, for example, has set its logo to black on its platform and says on the introductory page of its official account:

Black Lives Matter.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Google also gave its voice on its search engine front page, along with a black ribbon icon: We support racial equality and all those who seek it.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice

Meanwhile, Google’s video platform, YouTube, has set the logo black on the Twitter platform to show support for the black community. YouTube also said on its official Twitter account that it would donate $1 million to support efforts to find social justice.

Apple Store Robbed Cook wants to donate to Google, Microsoft also voice


The death of George Floyd has created a new crisis in an already very serious outbreak in the United States.

For now, despite the disruption of business activity, many U.S. technology companies have spoken out about racial equality and even proposed donationplans. At the same time, from an observation of American technology companies, we can still see that in this social event involving groups, technology itself can contribute too little, in order to avoid group sex to the extreme sit, it is basically helpful.

After all, this is a deep-seated problem in American society that needs to be solved by forces beyond technology.