Firefox will provide the ability to export passwords to local

Because Firefox has not supported manual password import or export, users have long been able to use third-party tools to achieve this requirement, or to use a third-party password manager directly. But soon, Firefox users will soon be able to get the ability to export passwords in their browsers to their locals.

Mozilla’s official bug reporting page, Bugzilla, shows that a request to export or back up a password was made 16 years ago. The issue, numbered 249801, was finally closed two days earlier and identified as Resolved.

Firefox will provide the ability to export passwords to local

According to ghacks, the feature will be the first to land on Firefox Nightly. Developers say it is currently hidden and may take some time to be enabled by default in Firefox Nightly. Mozilla has not yet been determined whether it will appear in the stable version and on which stable version it will be enabled.

The password export option is integrated into Firefox’s built-in password manager and opens by entering the address bar: aboutlogins. Next, clicking the main menu (three points) will show the “Export password as CSV” option. When you select the export option, a save dialog box pops up and the user can save the file to the local system or open it using an installed program.

The exported CSV file contains all saved Firefox passwords and related information. It is a plain text file that can be opened in any plain text editor or spreadsheet application. Most password managers are also able to import data using the file.