Fauci: The second wave of the new corona virus is possible, but not inevitable

According tomedia BGR reported that the United States famous infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci recently in an interview with the media, said that the new coronavirus “second wave” of the possibility, but not inevitable. After repeatedly warning that Americans should prepare for a possible dramatic increase in the number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, Fauci told CNN that there is reason to hope it can be avoided, but that the key to making that more optimistic outlook a reality is action.

Fauci: The second wave of the new corona virus is possible, but not inevitable

To avoid an increase in new confirmed cases, Americans need to follow guidelines, including self-isolation and contact tracking, to avoid an increase in new cases, Mr. Fauci said.

Many U.S. states have begun to ease restrictions on public gatherings, opening parks, beaches and other places to allow businesses to opt out of normal operations. Fauci believes the best way to avoid a possible second wave of infections is to follow things that know it’s effective, such as keeping a social distance and wearing a mask. Unfortunately, not everyone can accept this new reality, which could trigger a second wave of pandemics.

Still, Dr. Fauci is somewhat optimistic that the U.S. can contain the outbreak and prevent a huge surge in new cases. “We often talk about the possibility of a second wave, or the possibility of an outbreak when you reopen. We don’t have to accept that this is inevitable,” Fauci told CNN. “Especially when people start thinking about what’s going to happen in the fall, I want people to really realize that it can happen, but it’s not inevitable. “

But Mr. Fauci stressed that the optimism is based on adherence to guidelines proposed by health officials and increased testing and contact tracking. “If we stick to what we’re doing, with the labor, the system, the willingness to do something that is clear and effective in identifying, isolating, and tracking, we can prevent what we call a second wave,” he said.