Google brings ‘security check’ to older Pixel models

Google announced today that the next batch of new software features will appear on pixel smartphones,media reported. After adding car crash detection last year, the company is expanding its personal safety feature spree by introducing a new “safety check” tool to make sure users don’t have problems walking or running when they’re out alone.

When the feature is enabled, the user needs to set a time for its check-in. When this time comes, the security check takes over the entire screen and asks the user about the current status. Users can ignore tips to say they’re good, or share their location with an emergency contact right away, or call 911. If there is no response within a minute, the security check will automatically notify the user’s emergency contact and provide its location on Google Maps. But it doesn’t have the option of automatically dialling 911 — which may be to prevent false positives.

Google brings 'security check' to older Pixel models

Even if the chances of sending an emergency text message to a friend are slim, this seems to be a very useful security measure. Now, after expanding further in personal security last year, Google is turning to the older Pixel model: the Personal Security app will soon be available to everyone.

Google also introduced a sleeping mode for the alarm app. According to Google’s blog post, when the user falls asleep, the phone will go into a silent state and limit infection, if the user is still playing with the phone at that time of sleep then the mode will provide a display of the user’s playing phone time and the use of the app during this time screenshot.

Google brings 'security check' to older Pixel models

Then there’s the good news for those who often rely on Google’s Rdcorder app. Users can now use Google Assistant to start recording or search from existing records. Even better, users can automatically get their own recordings in Google Docs.

Finally, Google has also made improvements to adaptive battery capabilities. “Now, adaptive batteries on the Pixel 2 and on the newer model can predict when your battery will run out and further reduce background activity to keep your Pixel battery ingress for longer.” “