Italy’s leading doctor says new coronavirus is disappearing

According tomedia reports, as of the time of writing, the number of new crown confirmed cases in the world has exceeded 6.26 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 375,000. In the past few weeks, Italy’s new crown outbreak has eased. The country is slowly reopening, and there are calls for faster action. A well-known doctor in the country claims that the new coronavirus “is clinically non-existent in Italy”, a claim that is not supported by actual data.

Italy's leading doctor says new coronavirus is disappearing

“In fact, the virus is clinically non-existent in Italy,” Dr. Alberto Zangrillo told RAI TV. “The swabs taken over the last 10 days showed that the amount of the virus was absolutely negligible compared to the one or two months ago. “

In practice, Italy has had at least 300 new confirmed cases a day (up to 600 at the time) in the past 10 days, meaning that at least 3,000 people have been declared POSITIVE for COVID-19 in the past 10 days. This is consistent with the flatness of the curve that Italy has been studying since early March.

Zangrillo is the head of the San Rafael Hospital in the northern lombardy of Lombardy, north of Milan, which is the hardest hit by COVID-19. Lombardy, the birthplace of the Italian outbreak, began to do so as early as February. Zangrillo went so far as to say that some experts were too alarmist about the second wave of the outbreak, adding that politicians needed to take into account the new reality. “We have to go back to a normal country,” he said. “Someone has to take responsibility for making the country feel frightened and upset. “

Such statements are more in line with politicians’ support for a reopening of the economy than with health experts who have actually experienced the disease firsthand. The Italian government hit back. “Before there is scientific evidence to support the claim that the virus has disappeared… I ask those who say they are sure not to confuse Italians,” Deputy Health Minister Sandra Zampa said in a statement. “Instead, we should ask Italians to exercise maximum caution, keep social distance, reduce crowd gathering, wash their hands often, and wear masks. “

Matteo Bassetti, director of the infectious disease clinic at San Martino Hospital, offered a more realistic assessment of the situation. “Two months ago the intensity of the virus was different from today’s,” he told Italian news agency ANSA. Obviously, today’s COVID-19 disease is clearly different. “

There have been 233,197 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy, and 33,475 people have died from the disease.

Italy's leading doctor says new coronavirus is disappearing