New study shows Redsiewe’s role in new coronavirus treatment may not be enough

Doctors have devised a number of new coronathes that have shown hope and are at different stages of trial,media BGR reported. One of them is remdesivir, a drug approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci at the end of April. Studies at the time suggested that Redciewe could speed recovery and reduce treatment time from 15 days to 11 days. Fauci said at the time that the drug did not affect mortality and that Redcivir may need to be used in combination with different drugs to improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatments.

New study shows Redsiewe's role in new coronavirus treatment may not be enough

A few weeks later, another study further confirmed these findings, and revealed that Redciewe was not our long-awaited COVID-19 “god drug.” Reddit Scientific, the manufacturer of Ridsywe, released an additional study Monday that says Redsiewe plays a role in COVID-19 therapy. However, Gilead’s Phase 3 study assessed the length of treatment, and its conclusions may apply only to a specific subset of patients.

Gilead’s announcement is not currently in the form of a study ,which will be published later, but it still contains a lot of data. Gilead divided the patients into three groups and compared the five-day and 10-day Redsivega care standards with the standard of simple care. The data showed a 65 percent increased clinical improvement in the 5-day group compared to patients in the standard care group. Compared to standard care, the 10-day course of treatment showed no statistical improvement, but Gilead said the chances of improvement were beneficial and “tended” to be significant.

The study included 600 patients with moderate COVID-19 whodid no reduction in blood oxygen levels. They were randomized to 1:1:1.1. “The primary endpoint is the clinical status assessed by the 7-order score on day 11, from discharge to increased oxygen and ventilator support levels to death,” the bulletin read. “The secondary study goal was the incidence of adverse events in each Redsey treatment group compared to standard care. “

New study shows Redsiewe's role in new coronavirus treatment may not be enough

More patients in the five-day queue received improvements in clinical status than standard care, Gilead said. The company also said that “compared to the standard care group, only the increase in clinical deterioration or death compared to the Redsiewe group was not statistically significant.” “As for side effects, the drug was well tolerated, with more than 5 percent of people in both groups having the most adverse reactions to the drug, including nausea and headaches. Four people died in the control group, while two died in the 10-day group. There were no deaths in the five-day group.

In other words, Redcyvir treatment may be helpful, but there is still no evidence that the drug prevents complications, which is a key goal of COVID-19 treatment. Even so, access to Redcivir treatment may speed up recovery in some patients. “These findings provide more encouraging data for Redsey, suggesting that if we can intervene earlier in the course of the disease for five days, we can significantly improve the clinical outcomes of these patients,” Said Francisco Marty, a professor at Harvard Medical School and an infectious disease physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, said in a statement.

In addition, the study seems to suggest that a five-day course of intravenous reedsieve may be as effective as a 10-day course. The second phase of the study added up to 1,000 patients with moderate levels, and the results will be announced in the coming months.

In a separate statement, Gilead noted that the drug’s SIMPLE-Severe study included COVID-19 patients who needed noninvasive ventilation treatment, and the results showed that the five-day Rhedesiweth treatment resulted in a similar improvement to the 10-day course.