Nadella speaks out in support of Black Lives Matter protest movement

Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s chief human resources officer, shared on a LinkedIn that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had spoken out about employees’ protests about Black Lives Matter, unrest and what is happening in the United States,media reported. In a speech on May 28th, Nadella told employees that while racism in everyday life is not new, such experiences and realities are common, especially for black and African-American communities.

Nadella speaks out in support of Black Lives Matter protest movement

The CEO also mentioned reading a New York Times column and saying publicly that the situation was not something that people could leave behind when they got into work.

Although the footage cited was cautious and not specifically mentioned, Nadella suggested that George Floyd’s death was due to his neck being crushed on the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer. Nadella told employees that “absolutely needs to change this is not just about one event but about everything that led to it.” The CEO also said it was a duty to use the platform to make change.

As for the direct impact on employees, Nadella called on them to come together. He wants employees to check on each other, ask each other about their work, and resonate with other people’s feelings.

Nadella’s comments also show that Microsoft has shown interest in partners and projects in the field. He referred to the company’s criminal justice reform initiative, which invested in partnerships focused on police reform.

Nadella, of course, is not the only one to make the comments, and many other big companies have spoken out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his determination in a letter to employees on Sunday. Google CEO Sandal Pichai said on Twitter that the company is united with the black community and shares its support for racial equality.