A U.S. Apple Store employee who stole customer’s private photos is fired , faces criminal charges

An Apple Store employee from Bakersfield, California, was fired by Apple for allegedly sending customer private photos to him. The client, named Gloria Fuentes, later told the story in detail on her personal Facebook page.

According to Facebook, she was carrying her iPhone to the nearest Apple Store repair screen. Fuentes simply removed sensitive photos from her phone for safety and privacy reasons before the repairs. But because she arrived a few hours later than the appointment, she didn’t have enough time to delete what she wanted to delete.

A U.S. Apple Store man who stole customer's private photos is fired or faces criminal charges

After arriving at the nearby Apple Store, she handed the phone over to Apple’s talented staff, who, after observing for a period of time and asking for two passwords, finally told her she needed to solve the problem through a carrier.

Later that day, Fuentes opened her Messages app and found a strange text message sent to her number she didn’t know. When she opened it, she was shocked to find that the recipient was an Apple Store employee, and that she had taken a personalized photo of her for her boyfriend, with Fuentes’ location on it, so Apple staff knew the residence of Fuentes.

A U.S. Apple Store man who stole customer's private photos is fired or faces criminal charges

Fuentes points out that the images were taken nearly 12 months ago and in a library containing 5,000 images, which means that Employees at the Apple Store must have spent a lot of time browsing her personal photos. Fuentes then went to the Apple Store to confront employees. He later admitted it was his phone number, but said “he didn’t know how the photo was sent.” “

Fuentes makes a good and frightening point, because it may not be the first time Apple employees have done so. In an opinion piece to The Washington Post, Apple said it had fired the employee after receiving the report.

A spokesman said: “We would like to thank our customers for bringing this worrying situation to our attention. Apple immediately launched an internal investigation and determined that the employee’s behavior went far beyond the strict privacy guidelines that all of our Apple employees follow. He no longer has any contact with our company. “

According to other reports, local police are investigating the matter and could face criminal charges.

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