White American nationalist group masquerading as antifa promotes violence on Twitter

A Twitter account claiming to belong to a national anti-fascist movement in the United States that is promoting violent statements related to ongoing protests has been found to be linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa, according tomedia reports. The spokesman said the account violated its company’s platform operations and spam policies, particularly the creation of fake accounts.

White American nationalist group masquerading as antifa promotes violence on Twitter

The account was blocked by Twitter after posting a tweet with a sedit-in nature.

Protests took place in several U.S. states on Sunday night, and the newly created account @ANTIFA_US posted — “Comrades, just tonight” — with a brown, fist-raising expression on it.

This is not the first time Twitter has taken action against fake accounts linked to Evropa, according to the spokesman.

The Antifa Movement, a loose network of organized activist groups that uses direct action against the far right and fascism, has been identified by President Donald Trump as the force behind some of the violence and property vandalism that have emerged in some protests.

Other false information and misleading statements related to the protest movement appeared on Twitter late Sunday and from Monday.

Two hashtags that spread widely on Twitter falsely claimed that Washington, D.C., had taken cover-ups or blockades against the protest movement overnight. Both seem to suggest that the protesters have been somewhat suppressed.

Twitter says it is trying to disrupt public conversations and has removed them from the Hot Topics section.

Twitter said it had suspended hundreds of accounts and was investigating the hashtag’s viral spread. The social media company points out that hundreds of spam accounts contributed to the spread of the label. They have taken positive action in this regard.