Latest on Tesla v. Xiaopeng Auto Employees’: Xiaopeng To Cooperate with Third Party Investigation

New developments have been made in Tesla’s case against Cao Guangzhi, a small-car employee. According tomedia reports, California local time on May 27, in response to Xiaopeng’s car’s opposition motion, the California court held that Xiaopeng car needs to submit self-driving source code, but the two sides to meet to discuss whether to submit to a neutral third party investigation.

On the whole, the court partially supported and partially rejected the claims of both parties.

In March last year, Tesla filed a lawsuit in California alleging that a former employee left Tesla to join Xiaopeng and took a large amount of tesla’s classified autopilot. The Cao employee has been working in the autopilot department since he joined Xiaopeng’s car.

As Cao Guangzhi’s current employer, Xiaopeng cooperated with the relevant investigation as a third party.

Xiaopeng also responded positively to the case, saying it was unaware of the “stealth” of self-driving, that it would neither want or use any trade secrets of a former Tesla employee and would investigate the matter.

In fact, the latest controversy between Xiao Peng and Tesla has been over the two sides’ unagreed on the scope of Xiao Peng’s submission of investigative information.

In Tesla’s latest investigation request, Xiao Peng needs to leak nearly 30 items, including self-driving source code, computer file backups for all employees, and information about employee Zhang Xiaolang.

In response, Xiao Peng said the investigation had crossed the line, accusing Tesla of “bullying” and filing a motion against it in a local U.S. court. On May 27, U.S. District Court Judge Vince Chhabria granted part of XiaoPeng’s motion against it.

Regarding the current results, Xiaopeng Automobile told Caijing reporters exclusive response: “Xiaopeng’s position has always been to agree to provide the source code to a neutral third party for investigation.” (The court order) met expectations and we are satisfied with the results. “

Latest on Tesla v. Xiaopeng Auto Employees': Xiaopeng To Cooperate with Third Party Investigation