AMD Donates Hundreds of Millions of CPU/GPU to Fight New Crown: 70 Billion

To combat the new corona outbreak, AMD announced in April the establishment of the NEW Corona pneumonia high-performance computing fund (COVID-19 HPC Fund) to provide medical research institutions with computing resources to fight new corona pneumonia and other diseases, the first batch of donations of $15 million (approximately RMB106 million) of high-performance computing systems, based on AMDY EPC dragon processor and AMDe Radon Instict computing card.

AMD announced today that New York University (NYU), MIT and Rice University have been the first to receive AMD-donated high-performance computing systems, as well as a cloud system based at Penguin Computing based on the Dragon processor and Radeon Instinct computing card to provide remote computing power to scientists worldwide.

The combined computing performance of the above donation system is 7PFlops, or 700 billion floating-point calculations per second, equivalent to nearly one-twentieth of the world’s first supercomputing “Summit” computing power.

The compute node of the donation system is the G290-Z21, which consists of a 48-core Dragon 7642 processor and eight Radeon Instinct MI50 computing cards, while the management node is The Tsinga R182-291, which contains two 16-core Dragon 7302 processors, and also uses the NVIDIA Mellanox HDR200 InfiniBand Gigabit Network.

In addition, Corona supercomputers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States are also conducting molecular modeling studies of new coronaviruses, doubling peak performance using the technology resources provided by AMD.

AMD Donates Hundreds of Millions of CPU/GPU to Fight New Crown: 70 Billion