Ten thousand hands a night to the U.S. netizens a lively “wool” lesson

“Sain money” to expand the user of this Internet play, the achievement of a number of domestic technology giants. When Copy From China is in vogue and “feeds” overseas markets in the same “earth-ho” way, how will it react, fast hands have recently taught you a lesson. On May 27, a short video software called Zynn took the top spot in the iOS U.S. list, just 20 days after it went live.

According to The Information, Zynn’s developer is Owlii, a company that developed “3D rebuild technology” for AR and VR applications and has been acquired by Fast Hands. Zynn can be seen as a fast hand tailored product for the North American market and an important step in the fast-hand internationalization strategy.

Once you open Zynn, you can see the shadow of another short video app, The Verge, “Zynn is almost a complete clone of TikTok.” “However, Zynn’s biggest feature, in addition to watching short videos, is that it’s more important to earn points by watching short videos and inviting friends, and in exchange for real cash and gift cards, some users claim to have earned more than $1,000 a day.

Zynn Product Introduction Charts . . . Zynn

According to Sensor Tower data on April 30, the number of downloads worldwide by The Voice and TikTok (excluding third-party Android markets in China and beyond) exceeded 2 billion, with India, China and the United States being the top three markets. In the U.S. market where TikTok has proven success, Fast Hands has launched a new wave of attacks on the former using the promotion of “Chinese characteristics”.

Zynn Turns On Crazy “Sain” Mode

Many media comments, Zynn and TikTok product design in the biggest difference is the “net-earning model.” Enter the “reward” entrance in the middle of the bottom tab bar, where users make money and withdraw money, although the service is currently only available in North America. Download sign up, watch videos, and recommend friends because of the outbreak, which many unemployed North American users at home use as a “way to make money”, which is also one of the reasons Zynn started the “fire” in its early days.

According to Forbes, users make small money by watching videos, and in theory they can earn less than 20 cents for every 10 minutes they watch, and $1.25 for one hour of continuous sliding and viewing. But Zynn’s reward mechanism is not such a simple mathematical logic, Zynn uses “intermittent variable rewards” where users watch a video at regular intervals and randomly earn 3-6 times the original bonus points, “Zynn’s strategy of winning with irregular wins is the same as people’s addiction to slot machines.” “

More rewards come from user referrals, which can earn up to $20 by downloading and registering using the reference’s invitation code. For every five friends you recommend, you get an additional $10 reward. This takes full advantage of the online effects of social media and KOL , where even many regular users are using social media such as Twitter to develop their own “offline” effects. Many bloggers on YouTube make Amway videos that tell fans how to make money with Zynn.

This “utilitarian mindset” also occurs within the Zynn application. In contrast to the powerful community ecology established by the domestic fast hand, the Zynn comment area rarely discusses and communicates about the video, but instead a lot of people are “seeking attention, good money” message.

And Zynn, which was in its early stages of operations, provided a lack of content. For example, many not published any content just to make money empty accounts; some accounts are obviously the content of domestic accounts copy; and many accounts although there are dozens of videos, but the video source patchwork, the quality is not high and non-original, can not guarantee the unity of the account. The current Zynn above the more popular or American prank, life funny, sports parkour videos. But there are also media said that express hand said it will speed up cooperation with professional users to enrich platform content.

Zynn Interface Screenshots . . . Zynn

Zynn is also focusing on user growth and doesn’t start to cash out, but the “dividends” that users can get won’t always exist. YouTube blogger Tech Hustler, who has been viewed 65,000 times, said he made $1,000 in the first 24 hours of Zynn’s launch and could withdraw cash with PayPal, but was unable to withdraw only gift cards from wal-marts, Amazon and others for some time. According to media reports, Zynn currently offers a certain amount of cash withdrawal and purchase of gift cards in both the form of redemption rewards.

In the past few years, in China to target three or four lines below the city, through this so-called “net earning” model developed by the application and a lot, such as information aggregation platform interesting headlines, in the registration, invitation, comment, reading time to give users a certain reward, improve user participation and stay time, and then through the platform advertising to achieve cash. This model also allows fast-hand extreme version to go live last year 20 days of rapid growth, to 10 million DAu. But the question is whether the incentive social fission acquisition model can be sustained, the advertising value can cover user costs, the first point is the conversion rate of advertising and the basis of commercial value, determines the platform’s traffic value.

The platform ultimately needs to understand its own positioning, seize the core users, do a good job of high-quality content production and ecological construction.

Quick hand sneaks into TikTok  

On the timeline, the Clippers are no later than Byte Dance for testing overseas. In May 2017, The Fast Hand Overseas Edition of Kwai and TikTok went live almost simultaneously. The clippers did not focus on North America, but in Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia market high-flying. According to Three News, Kwai entered the Korean market, by inviting first-line stars such as Kwon Zhilong to quickly promote, but then, quick hands to give up more resources, so that Kwai began to dig like the domestic inclusive flow, resulting in Kwai heat decline, and did not establish ecological.

Almost at the same time, ByteDance acquired Music.ly, officially launching the expansion of the global landscape. TikTok captures the market with the foundation that Musical.ly. In the face of oncoming competitive pressures from TikTok, Fast China’s overseas business is in turmoil and adjustment. According to the August 2019 report, Fast Hand’s overseas technology and product teams have shrunk significantly, while Fast Hand has stopped launching in Southeast Asia and India from the end of 2018, and has maintained some resources in the South American market alone. But this claim was quickly denied: overseas business as the company’s key strategy, there is no reduction in resources.

But in terms of data, the fast-handed internationalization attempt is really lacking. Kwai topped the charts in the first half of 2018 with Google Play and App Store in seven countries in Russia and Southeast Asia. At the end of 2018, however, Kwai hovered over 30 in the Google Play chart scored in the Korean market.

In each of the three quarters of 2019, TikTok was ranked in the top three of the world’s most downloaded apps, according to Sensor Tower. TikTok also gradually got rid of the Musical.ly’s imitator identity, such as the beginning of development, UGC content is mostly boring “mouth-to-mouth” and “body performance”, and then more and more professional producers, such as the Washington Post, NBC News, BBC Broadcasting and other mainstream news media, the news and entertainment video content combined. The content of TikTok has also become a popular stalker that is often disseminated and discussed.

TikTok blogger, same video style compared to Zynn TikTok

In particular, seeing TikTok’s video content “viral” on Instagram, TikTok’s influence and the spread of short videos have left Zuckerberg on his back. In 2018, Facebook launched Lasso, a short video app, with the same vertical loopand and slip-up as TikTok, but that hasn’t dampened TheTikTok’s momentum.

Lasso Product Introduction Map Lasso

It’s a competition about the attention and time of the user. Whether it is Chinese and American users, the attitude towards short video is almost the same, that is, love and hate. On the one hand, the flow of information makes users addicted, unable to extricate themselves, and spend too much time on entertainment. Short videos, on the other hand, allow users to consume more information per unit of time, and video as a global lying language allows everyone to participate without barriers to understanding.

What’s more, Zynn also lets users make money. But facebook has never snapped up the market, and then it’s up to Zynn to precipitate users.

According to 36Kr, Express has an international team that operates products from MV Master, the card music video production platform we now know, UVideo, and VStatus. Not so long ago, SnackVideo, another short video app, had a recommended algorithm designed to target TikTok. Most of these applications are now active in Brazil, Double India, Russia, Vietnam and other markets. In these markets, in addition to TikTok, The Likee, Ali Investment’s VMate, and so on have also gained a good reputation. Now to complement the short board slots in the international market, the Clippers have launched a full-scale attack on TikTok.

Geek Park uses Zynn to occasionally swipe into pornographic videos in the stream. To be sure, The tough regulatory and censorship issues that TikTok faces today, such as privacy disclosure, the spread of false information, and alleged violations of COPPA (American Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), and so on, will still need to be addressed in the future.