(Pictured) Firefox 77 Stable Release: Pocket Recommended to Land in the UK Optimised WebRender

Mozilla today released a stable version of Firefox 77 after yesterday’s release of the Firefox 78 Beta 1 update. This update is not large, mainly introduced three important features. The first is Pocket’s recommendation, which is now featured in a new tab by Firefox users in the UK, featuring quality resources on the web.

(Pictured) Firefox 77 Stable Release: Pocket Recommended to Land in the UK Optimised WebRender

Pocket’s recommended feature, previously available only in the U.S., Canada and Germany, is now being added to the U.K. If you don’t like the ability to turn it off in settings, the path is Firefox’s menu, options, home page, and Firefox Home content.

Firefox 77 has also made improvements to WebRender, which is now available to more Windows users running Firefox. “WebRender continues to be available to more Windows users,” Mozilla explains. WebRender is available by default on Windows 10 laptops running on the Nvidia GPU with medium-sized (?lt;?3440×1440) and large screen (?gt; 3440×1440). “

The third improvement is to optimize the about:certificate page, provide more options for viewing and managing web certificates, and now all the data displayed on this screen will be easier to manipulate.

There are seven different security fixes in this update:

CVE-2020-12399. Timing attack signed by DSA signatures in the NSS library.

CVE-2020-12405: Use-after-free in SharedWorker Service

CVE-2020-12406: JavaScript Type Confused with NativeTypes

CVE-2020-12407: WebRender leaks GPU memory when using border image CSS

CVE-2020-12408: URL spoofing when using IP addresses

CVE-2020-12409: Fixed memory security vulnerabilities in Firefox 77 and Firefox ESR 68.9

CVE-2020-12411: Fixed memory security vulnerability in Firefox 77

Of these security vulnerabilities, a total of five were rated high severity and one was rated as moderate. Only one is marked as low severity rating.

Firefox 77 also brings some improvements to developers, mainly in two areas

Significant improvements to JavaScript debugging have made it faster to load and step into the source code and to consume less memory over time. Source mapping support has also become more reliable, but will work in more cases.

Added support for the JavaScript API String.prototype.replaceAll() to allow developers to return a new string while retaining the original string and match all to the provided pattern.

Firefox 77, currently available for Windows, Linux, and macOS platforms, is online and allows users to go to Mozilla’s official server for download.

Download address: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/77.0/

(Pictured) Firefox 77 Stable Release: Pocket Recommended to Land in the UK Optimised WebRender