See what NASA astronauts say about SpaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft

So far, SpaceX’s manned Dragon spacecraft has made history, making it the first time the U.S. has sent astronauts into space at home since the end of the space shuttle era in 2011, and the first time a privately made spacecraft has sent astronauts into space,media reported. So how did Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnken, the most direct participants in this historic mission, evaluate the new space vehicle they were on?

See what NASA astronauts say about SpaceX's manned Dragon spacecraft

Let’s start by hearing from Chris Cassidy, the current commander of the International Space Station. The commander said the manned Dragon spacecraft was very good to ride on, and even had a typical “new car flavor.” “When we open the door, you can tell it’s a brand new spaceship, smiling on one side of the ship, and reacting like you bought a new car, ” he gushed in an interview. “

Hurley, who was inside, said: “The shuttle has a solid rocket booster, which burns rough for the first two and a half minutes. But the first phase of the Falcon 9 was much smoother. “

Hurley told reporters: “After the first stage of the engine shut down, it takes a while between the booster separation and the Start-Up Of Merlin vacuum engine. At that point, we dropped from about three times the gravity to 0 times, I don’t know, about half a second, and then when the Merlin vacuum engine ignited, we started to accelerate again. “

Hurley, however, points out that Merlin created some turbulence inside the spacecraft. “The situation with the Merlin vacuum engine is getting worse, and it’s interesting to talk to the people at SpaceX about finding out why the second stage flight is worse than the shuttle’s flight on the three main engines. “

It is reported that the spacecraft and its two astronauts will stay on the International Space Station for several months. It’s not yet up to NASA to decide how long it will take, but SpaceX is certainly eager to bring the manned Dragon spacecraft back to the U.S. and complete its certification.

See what NASA astronauts say about SpaceX's manned Dragon spacecraft