Warner Bros. announces free rental of “Justice’s Mercy” in June to show support for protests

Warner Bros. announced that its 2019 legal film Just Mercy will be available for free in the U.S. in June from Apple TV, Amazon and other digital platforms,media reported. The company announced the news on Blackout Tuesday on the same day as a show of support for the campaign to protest The Unjust Death of George Floyd.

Warner Bros. says it hopes the film will serve as an educational tool for those interested in learning about systemic racism in American society.

“We believe in the power of the story,” Warner Bros. wrote in a statement, “our film “Justice’s Mercy” is based on the lifelong career of civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson, and we can provide such a resource for those interested in learning more about the systemic racism that plagues our society.” In June, “Justice’s Mercy” will be available for free on digital platforms in the United States. “

It is reported that “Justice’s Mercy” was released in theaters last Christmas, Michael J. B. Jordan plays defense attorney Bryan Stevenson, who helps Walter McMillian, an African-American played by Jamie Foxx, appeal the mistrial. The film grossed $50 million worldwide, with actor Fox nominated for best supporting actor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.