US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren condemns Facebook ‘corrupt’

U.S. presidential candidate And Senate Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday accused Facebook of “corruption” for sponsoring a case in favor of conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh, according to cNETT. Kavanaugh) a rare appearance at the event. About a year ago, Mr. Cavanaugh, who was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal, nearly lost his seat to the Supreme Court.

US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren condemns Facebook 'corrupt'

Cavanaugh denied sexually assaulting Christine Braser Ford more than 30 years ago, and the Senate narrowly approved his nomination. He is scheduled to speak Thursday night at an event hosted by the Federalist Society, a right-wing group that advocates support for conservative judges, including Kavanaugh. It will be his first public speech since he became a Supreme Court justice.

In a tweet, Warren pointed to Facebook’s sponsorship of the dinner and the company’s lobbying efforts, as well as what she called a “charm offensive with Republican lawmakers.”

US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren condemns Facebook 'corrupt'

The Massachusetts Democrat tweeted: “We can call it corruption. “

A Facebook spokesman declined to comment on Warren’s tweet, but noted that the company has sponsored a number of political groups. The company has also been supporting the Federalist Association since 2013.  The advocacy group Demand Justice has been advertising for its sponsorship of right-wing groups.

Katie O’Connor, senior adviser to Demand Justice, said in a statement: “Facebook should not sponsor the restoration of Brett Cavanaugh’s reputation at a time when Dr. Braser Ford bravely stood up last year and is still unable to return to normal life.” You can ask for respect for survivors of sexual assault, or you can provide money to celebrate Brett Cavanaugh, but you can’t have both. “

Warren’s comments show how tensions between Facebook and the presidential candidate are heating up ahead of the 2020 election. Warren has in the past called for the spin-off of social media giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Google. In a leaked audio leak last October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees that he was prepared to “go to great lengths to find a way to solve the problem” and that Warren would face a legal challenge if he tried to spin off the company.

Warren also criticized Facebook’s policy of “misinformation” in political ads, saying it allows politicians to run fake ads.

Neither the Federalist Association nor Cavanaugh responded to requests for comment.

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