Fauci: Immunity may not last long after the new corona vaccine

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a well-known infectious disease expert in the United States, has been cautiously optimistic about the development of a new coronavirus candidate vaccine,media BGR reported. He said not long ago that the first vaccines could be completed by early 2021, explaining that some of the data on some of the candidate vaccines had shown that they were indeed promising, but there was no guarantee that any of these vaccines would eventually be effective against SARS-CoV-2. Even then, Fauci now cautions, immunity may not last long.

Fauci: Immunity may not last long after the new corona vaccine

A few days ago a study told us that any one of the four human coronaviruses that cause the common cold will last for six to 12 months. That’s why we experience this type of disease again and again.

“When you look at the history of coronaviruses, the common cold caused by the common coronavirus, the literature reports that the persistence of protective immunity ranges from three to six months to almost a year,” Fuchs said in an interview with JAMA editor Howard Bauchner. “It’s not a lot of durability and protection. “

Fauci believes vaccination does not provide lasting protection and people may still be reinfected. Fauci remains cautiously optimistic about the efficacy of several current vaccine candidates, noting that such drugs “will never be guaranteed.” “It may take months and months to get an answer,” he added.

In fact, researchers have encountered an unexpected problem. There may not be enough COVID-19 cases in areas where vaccine candidates such as the UK and China have advanced to phase 2 and Phase 3 trials. If there are not enough patients around, volunteers who were vaccinated during the trial may not be exposed to pathogens.

Mr. Fauci also said That Moderna will enter phase 3 in July, when 30,000 people will take part in the final phase of the trial. A few days ago, the expert criticized the company’s way of publishing early results from the Phase 1 trial, noting that the candidate vaccine could teach the immune system to produce the neutralizing antibodies researchers want. These are chemicals that can be used to block the virus from attaching to cells.

In addition to Moderna, Mr Fauci said he was directly or indirectly involved in at least four trials of potential vaccines. By early 2021, hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine could be ready by early 2021, he said.

Fauci: Immunity may not last long after the new corona vaccine