Media say the Moro Razr folding screen flipper is more durable than Samsung Galaxy Fold

After the first iPhone launch, the smartphone industry began an endless big-screen arms race, but it quickly brought aesthetic fatigue to consumers. Yet the recent release of Moto Razr has once again awakened our desire for a flip perch. But as a folding screen device, some people still worry that its screen is as fragile as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, but is that true?

Foreign media say the Moro Razr folding screen flipper is more durable than Samsung Galaxy Fold

(Instagram via BGR)

Foreign media pointed out that the Moto Razr uses the upper and lower (vertical) folding design of the classic flip-top smart, rather than the left and right (horizontal) folding designs of samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

In terms of functionality, the Moto Razr features a compact form factor that is closer to everyday phone applications, while the Galaxy Fold and Mate X can be used as tablets when spread out, and the positioning differences are significantly different.

In terms of durability, folding-screen devices are still to be tested, after all, this year’s PR disaster, which eventually led to the galaxy’s Delayed release, is still fresh in many Samsung fans.

Having said that, Motorola has a clever screen/hing design for the Moto Razr to help avoid a range of problems associated with folding screens.

After an in-depth and interesting study of the development of the reborn Razr series, Cnet points out that the machine has been in the works for many years, with more than 20 prototypes alone.

Obviously, this is not an easy process. The early prototypes each had a huge pair of hinges on each side, and Dumbo-like ears caused serious damage to the aesthetic appearance.

Eventually, the designer used the so-called zero-gap hinge. Although the hinges remain on the side of the fuselage, as early archetypes did, the degree of hot eye is not as obvious.

With slightly exposed gears, users can get a glimpse of the mechanical principles inherent in the Moto Razr, giving it a unique texture similar to a luxury watch.

Moto Razr also adds space for in-screen bending, where the screen can be seen bent in a complex drop letu, rather than simply roughfolding, through the cross-section of your phone as it is folded.

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