Alibaba’s IPO entry fee of HK$18989 : the first paperless IPO

On November 15th, Ali plans to issue 500 million new shares and set up a 15% or 75 million over-allotment rights. That is, the maximum offer of 575 million shares, the market out of its highest offer price of 188 yuan per lot, with an entry fee of about 18989 yuan per lot, taking into account the over-allotment of up to about 108.1 billion yuan, second only to the 2010 capital raising of 159 billion yuan aIA, in 2006 to raise 124.95 billion yuan ICBC, It is expected to be the third-largest IPO in Hong Kong’s history and the world’s largest so far this year.

Alibaba is officially on public offering in Hong Kong at 9 am today and is expected to start trading on the Stock Exchange at 9 am on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. Of these, 2.5 per cent, or 12.5 million shares, were public offerings, while the international offering stakewased 97.5 per cent, or 487.5 million shares. Net fund-raising amounted to about $93,542 million. Take into account that if 75 million shares of over-allocated shares are fully exercised, the net amount raised is about $107.605 billion.

Alibaba's IPO entry fee of HK$18989 today is the first paperless IPO

Mr Ali said a full electronic application process had been adopted for the public offering and would not provide the public with a printed copy of the prospectus or any application form for the public offering. Alibaba’s ipo will be The first 100% paperless IPO in Hong Kong, ending the tradition of Hong Kong shareholders preferring to queue up at bank branches.

The source said that Ali, in line with environmental protection and the general trend, also has no plans to print a 661-page prospectus, investors can view from the Stock Exchange website and Alibaba’s web page.

It is reported that Ali has previously communicated with brokers, banks and other central settlement system (CCASS) custodians to explain the process. Members of the public who want to subscribe to Alibaba must be aware that they must first open a stock account with a bank or securities bank.

Some market participants believe that the first day of the international placement has been recorded in full subscription, the response is positive, I believe that Ali’s Hong Kong shares may not have a discount.

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