Media rate Porsche design notebook Ultra One: not matched with its price

Weak but expensive laptops are not uncommon, but in return, consumers usually get high-quality bodywork, special features and different designs. However, although the notebook is named after the Porsche design, the manufacturer is not strict in the materials used in the body.

Foreign media rate Porsche design notebook Ultra One sorry for its price

Photo: porsche-design

The Porsche-designed Ultra One notebook, which costs $2,200, offers the Intel Core i7-8500Y, 16GB of memory and a 1TB SSD, as is the other fanless laptop. But fanlessdoes don’t mean no noise, and this 1TB SSD has done a great job of destroying the machine. Each time you visit a file, you hear a high-frequency squeak, which can seriously interfere with attention while you work. From HWiNFO can be seen manufacturer for Jiang Bolong, currently only in some domestic cheap tablets to see.

Another drawback is that the Touchscreen reflection of the Porsche-designed Ultra One is very serious. After testing, we learned that the contrast, black and color gamuts of the screen were all very good, but only in dark conditions. When you enter a daily use environment, the reflection of any light affects the display of the screen.

Officially, design and mute are ultra One’s biggest selling points, but apparently the latter has not been achieved. As mentioned earlier, the annoying noises made by SSDs at work are uncomfortable even for people who are insensitive to sound. In addition, the reflection of the screen does not work properly in everyday life. Two huge hard injuries to the hard drive and screen make it difficult to recommend this design-only laptop.

Given the price of the machine, some potential consumers who are impressed by the appearance should think twice about whether it’s worth spending so much on such a laptop.

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