Study: Asymptomatic new coronary infections can spread the virus longer than a week

According tomedia reports, considering that the new coronavirus has a long incubation period and some infected people do not show symptoms, this is why the virus is so dangerous. If left unchecked, the virus is spreading from person to person faster than people thought a few months ago. Now, a new study from China shows that the duration of virus transmission in asymptomatic new corona carriers ranges from 3 days to 12 days, with an average duration of about 8 days.

Study: Asymptomatic new coronary infections can spread the virus longer than a week

This makes people realize the importance of maintaining social distance even if the economy reopens.

It is reported that the study from Wuhan, China, the new coronary pneumonia patients with symptoms and asymptomatic patients, the relevant reports have been published a few days ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The researchers looked at 78 patients in 26 cluster cases exposed from Hunan seafood market or in close contact with other patients with new coronary pneumonia. All cases were confirmed by RT-PCR testing, of which 33 were asymptomatic, or 42.3 per cent of the total. This ratio is very high. Similarly, a study of passengers on a cruise ship that left Argentina in mid-March with no confirmed infections on board showed that 60 per cent of those on board were infected with the new coronavirus, 81 per cent of whom were asymptomatic.

The Wuhan study provided some conclusions for asymptomatic patients observed in the study. They are younger and more likely to be women than patients with symptoms. In addition, their liver damage ratio was lower and CD4 T lymphocytes consumed less. They also showed faster lung recovery and a shorter period of time for the virus to fall off the nasopharyngeal swab.

The study also tells people that asymptomatic patients may not feel anything, but their bodies are fighting the virus. The new coronavirus affects the lungs of infected people, and their lymphocytes count decrease. Doctors in the UK believe that the number of T-cells is a marker for predictable cases of severe new coronary pneumonia, and that increasing the number of T-cells can improve patients’ condition.

The study showed that asymptomatic people were still contagious — “Our results on low consumption of CD4-T lymphocytes in asymptomatic infections show edified infections without conditions are less damaging to the immune system than those with symptoms.” Although asymptomatic patients do less harm to themselves, they may not be aware of their illness, so they do not isolate themselves or seek treatment or they may be ignored by health care workers to unknowingly spread the virus to others. “

The study also said asymptomatic cases needed to be identified and isolated as soon as possible: “The fact that a symptomatic patients with new coronary pneumonia is relatively hidden cannot be ignored. Therefore, early detection and isolation of patients with asymptomatic new coronary pneumonia is critical to controlling the spread of the new coronavirus. Closely monitor close contacts in patients with new coronary pneumonia to avoid secondary transmission. “

Like other new coronary pneumonia studies, more research may be needed to confirm these findings.

Study: Asymptomatic new coronary infections can spread the virus longer than a week