Tesla Model 3 Mid-Circa Crash Test Completes Live Video Exposure

The Tesla Model 3, the most famous electric car in the country, has excellent power performance, but how well it’s doing in terms of body structure safety, let’s take a look. Today, csiro said it has completed all the crash testing work on the Tesla Model 3, and the results of the crash test will be sent on, and released video of the crash test of the Tesla Model 3. (Video point this to watch)

The 2019 domestic Model 3 standard battery-life upgrade model is safely configured with front and rear head airbags and front side airbags, as well as active braking.

From the crash video, in 25 percent of the main driver’s front-facing bias collision, Tesla’s A-pillar did not have visible deformation, the front rear head airbag and the front seat airbag were opened in time, the left front wheel fell off.

In the vehicle lift state, observe the left front chassis, can be found that the crew compartment structure is complete, the dummy is not squeezed. On the surface alone, the Model 3 score will not be too poor in a 25% bias collision, but the result will still be based on subsequent official results.

Tesla Model 3 Mid-Circa Crash Test Completes Live Video Exposure

In a side collision, the front and rear head airbags of the vehicle also explode in time. However, the results of side impact, like roof strength tests, seat/headrest tests, and pedestrian protection experiments, are not easy to make simple predictions via video footage. Therefore, these results are subject to subsequent official release results.

In the AEB experiment, we can see that the Model 3 can actively stop the vehicle in time. This is expected to be almost full-time, as are other brands.

From the video alone, the Tesla Model 3 is still a bit of a luxury car in terms of body safety in the most difficult frontal 25% bias collision. As for the more reliable and detailed crash test results, we just have to wait and see.

Tesla Model 3 Mid-Circa Crash Test Completes Live Video Exposure