The roof of Tesla’s Shanghai Super plant Model Y plant has been basically laid

June 4 , according tomedia reports , in the first quarter financial results released on April 29 , electric car maker Tesla disclosed that their model Y plant in the Shanghai super plant has begun construction , when the results revealed photos show that the plant’s steel structure construction is in full production , about half of which has been capped .

The roof of Tesla's Shanghai Super plant Model Y plant has been basically laid

Construction of Tesla’s Shanghai super plant revealed in first-quarter results

After the results were released, the Model Y plant at Tesla’s Shanghai super plant was also accelerating construction, with aerial video from early May showing that construction of the steel structure was almost complete.

The latest reports show that the steel structure construction of the Model Y plant in the Shanghai Super Factory has been completed and the roof has been basically laid.

According to the pictures published bymedia, most of the model Y plant in Shanghai’s super factory has been laid roofs, only two small areas are unpaved, in terms of area, less than one-tenth of the total plant area.

However, the roof of the Model Y plant is still under construction, the roof color is not consistent, there are still four different colors, should eventually be the same as the adjacent Model 3 plant, the appearance of the entire plant is a uniform color, so the model Y plant roof, is expected to spray paint or lay other materials, and thus maintain a uniform appearance color.

In addition, from the photos, the model Y plant walls are still under construction, part of the completed, but there is still one side waiting to be built.

In addition, from the photos disclosed bymedia, the Shanghai super factory production Model Y plant, and has been put into production, but still under construction Model 3 production plant, in the design of a very different, Model Y production plant divided into two buildings, the two buildings also have a certain gap.

In its April 29 earnings report, Tesla disclosed that model Y, produced by the Shanghai super plant, is scheduled to start delivering in the first quarter of next year.

The roof of Tesla's Shanghai Super plant Model Y plant has been basically laid