Internet man’s “land-spreading economy”: a grand and false marketing

The internet people of the new era never give up any of the air, whether it’s O2O or Bitcoin, bike or live, whether it’s real, it can fly. Now, the Internet people have a new direction – to put on the ground. Whether you’re 985 or 211, a startup or a billion factories, in this hot and boring June, if you haven’t put up a stall, it’s not enough to talk about life late at night.

Look at your circle of friends. Nowadays, the little sisters’ latest selfie essay is: “Do you think I’m so long can i put on a stall?” “

Year-round five-star hotel investment tycoons, but also began to recall the hard years from scratch, in the circle of friends to a wave of bitter sweet: “think of the day When I set up stalls in Tsinghua campus”, invisible can also install wave X.

Suffering from traffic and exposure of the Internet social animals at the moment I am afraid to bloom, one by one from the micro-blog and micro-letterout out, holding up an A4 print paper under the company building began to set up stalls, but also recruitment is to send coupons, regardless of whether there is anyone to come, sent a circle of friends on the line. Not good, but also on the last tweet hot search, KPI is complete.

Internet people on the street floor of the company

For the vast number of Internet people, chasing the wind never seek return, talk about money hurt feelings, the most important is a sense of participation.

Tencent, China’s only internet giant, yesterday sent an HR employee to run to the side of the road to set up a stall. Video emerged online showing an employee wearing a mask sitting on the ground, holding up an A4 piece of paper emblazoned with the words “Urgent” and the “Tencent Recruitment” in blue and white next to him. In front of him, he posed in a tight-knit position, including data mining, algorithm engineers, game engine development engineers, and so on.

Tencent’s public relations director Zhang Jun sent a tweet, “Live training stalls, goose factory to recruit people.”

But from the video, the hiring seems to be much less effective. It was a Wednesday afternoon on weekdays, and most of the people who came and went were the big ladies, and a little friend who rode his bicycle.

However, not recruiting people is clearly not the focus of Tencent’s concern. Because that afternoon, “Tencent director put on the ground to recruit” the news on the hot search, financial media, marketing number, entertainment gossip number have been out, even the micro-blogging with a surprisingsimilar similarity.

By contrast, Didi Chuxing, who is located in Beijing’s Second Flag, is a bit “childish”. Their PR students also printed several A4 paper hem stalls to promote their recently new subsidy policy, what “mid-year push” “absolute preferential” “8 years of quality assurance.”

But they seem to have only taken pictures, no video. It’s been the 5G era, and as an Internet person, You don’t even know the importance of video. Even the drip-drip PR students came out together, in the circle of friends to drink, but the final publicity effect seems to be less than satisfactory, not even a micro-blogging hot search.

Unlike both of these, which are staffed alone, the last thing startups need is passion. Determined to surpass LinkedIn’s workplace social software veins sent a “ground stall team”, printed dozens of A4 paper, along the road rock swing a long slip.

Has been accused of fund-raising fraud, and from time to time and friends to a close physical contact with the water drip, but also sent the CEO to personally out of the horse. Its founder, Shen Peng, also sat on the street, holding up a big trumpet and the company’s Logo to promote their insurance business.

The coin circle of the previous two years’ fire also saw the “new wind” of the stalls. A coin ring trading platform came up with the barbecue business, the main fried crayfish, tin paper powder, kebabs, etc. , full 100 can send a takeaway, but also support takeaway. The only difference with a normal barbecue stall is that they also accept electronic money payments. A fried crayfish is 5 EOS and a serving of a papnail powder is 0.01 ETH.

Chasing the wrong concept shares?

A hot-blooded young people running to the stall slot in the end did not make money is not good to say, at least the shareholders see a new hope. China’s stock market has always been synonymous with Eastern fantasy, after all, our Arkema, Pico, Chuan Dazhisheng (trump) all overnight all the red.

This time, the enthusiasm of the shareholders for the land stall economy has increased, the birth of the “ground stall economy” concept shares, A-share retail department store sector a hot atmosphere. The most closely suited to the “ground stall economy” of the small commodity city, has ushered in 3 up and down board, as well as Maoye commercial, Guangbai shares, Xi’an food and so on.

Some people have specially combed the relevant industrial stocks involved in the “ground-stall economy”, from the supermarket chain super, to the offline market operating companies, as well as the production of frozen products, beer and beverage food companies and production refrigerators, LED light board hardware companies, everything. Roughly, there are at least 33 related concept stocks.

Some companies that can’t get along with the ground-spreading economy are also trying to get involved with the ground-based stalls. The main business for the production of parasols, outdoor furniture, Zhejiang Yongqiang, hurriedly in the interactive platform disclosure easy to announce to the shareholders, their production of sunshades, outdoor tables and chairs and other products can be used for the ground stall operation;

Even the production of Tihua show shampoo famous health, but also because of the response to investors on the ground stall economy, yesterday’s stock price rose directly, “strong seal up and down the board”, some media described.

But to say who really follows the trend, when Wuling Automobile is not. The company launched a “show car”, known as “the regular main force of the stall economy”, the initial price is only 55,800 yuan. Its official son in an interview with the media said that the number of consultations skyrocketed, sales calls have been blown up. The car also boarded the Ping Duo, which opened the mass-group mode, directly subsidizing the fuel cost of 3000 yuan, and 100 cars were snapped up.

Excited investors certainly won’t buy a car, they switched hands and sent the share price of Wuling Automobile, a Hong Kong-listed company, to a new high. Yesterday afternoon, Wuling Automobile, which had been in obscurity in the Hong Kong stock market, surged 80 per cent in less than two hours, rising more than 126 per cent at one point in the session, setting a bright spot for a two-year high and surging its market value by at least HK$300 million.

The rise of Wuling Automobile has also boosted the share prices of a number of auto companies such as Changan Automobile, Fukuda Automobile and Jiangling Automobile, clearing the market from the outbreak.

The volatile share price caused Wuling Motor to issue a post-market notice, saying that it had been confirmed by the Board of Directors and was not aware of any of the reasons for the rise in the share price and volume, or any information that must be made to avoid false market conditions in the Company’s securities.

More interesting, the evening media found that the Hong Kong stock Wuling Automobile is not Wuling Light producer, its main business for the sale of engines, auto parts, etc. , the real production of Wuling Light enterprises are SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., a joint venture by SAIC Group, General Motors and Liuzhou Wuling Automobile to form a joint venture car company.

“The market is wrong?” The media asked back in the report. But shareholders should ignore the media’s fuss, hong Kong stocks opened today, Wuling Automobile opened up again, the intraday rise of more than 50%, the stock price in the last 3 days once rose more than 150%.

Big factories that value the business

As China’s Internet facade to play the big factory, personally put out the stall is a little stingy. They have returned to the narrative logic that the big factories are good at – the empowerment industry, which adds to the building of a harmonious society. They have long issued support policies for the “ground-sharing economy”.

These policies often have a literary model of the name, such as’s name “Fire of the Stars.” According to the official draft, will bring “50 billion quality supply to help the stalls and small shops economy” and provide up to 100,000 yuan for each small store. also predicted the huge impact of its supportive policies, “which are expected to serve millions of convenience stores and million slots, providing supply chain and service support for more than 5 million jobs.”

Perhaps in order to clear up their own hot spot suspects, also stressed in the draft, “In fact, has been through a number of initiatives to help small and medium-sized enterprises, stallholders and shopkeepers.” JD. Although it cites examples of its early years in order to grab the down-line entrance to the convenience store, and to block Ping Duo’s Jingxi App.

Alibaba, which started its wholesale business, appears to have the upper hand, with its 1688 platform launching a targeted “ground-sharing economy” support program that also offers interest-free credit purchases worth “more than $70 billion”. Alibaba said that through the source of good goods, data intelligence, financial support, customer protection four dimensions of empowerment, for more than 30 million “stallholders” to provide a full range of purchase and business support.

What Alibaba’s draft doesn’t say is that it’s focusing on local life services this year. Local life has long been a front for the American league, but with online traffic running out, Internet people are targeting offline businesses. At the beginning of this year, Alipay has been fully revised into a local life platform, will be hungry, word-of-mouth and other business entrances placed on the screen home page. Yesterday, Alibaba is more Taobao access to the offline merchantsuper.

The U.S. group, which has been hit hard by the outbreak, is even more welcoming to the recovery of the offline economy. Essentially, the american group and the offline shops are a cold-mouthed relationship. Its support plan is called “Spring Breeze Action” million small shop plan, the introduction of support policies are also supply chain services, preferential loans and so on. The group says it has provided a cumulative $20 billion in preferential interest-backed loans, and 20,000 merchants across the country have been helped.

Tencent has also launched the National Fireworks Program on the WeChat platform to help offline merchants build online stores and guide them in their circle of friends and community.

See, the big factories are looking at strategy, is the direction. Even “chasing the wind”, but also chasing high- and legitimate. Although, as we all know, they look at huge offline traffic, future financial services, or, more directly, business.

The post-wave of the new era of start-ups

Just graduated into the new era of the Internet”, “after the wave”, at this moment the heart has ignited a wave of entrepreneurial spirit.

WeChat, large and small “ground stalls” group chat endlessly. A group chat called “Beijing puts up a stall group” has attracted more than 200 aspiring young people of the new era. But it is clear that they know nothing about the literal meaning of the two Chinese characters, as well as the enthusiasm for starting a business.

But all kinds of media publicity has long put them tickling, what 90 years of girls day and night to work stalls, earn 4,000 a day, buy Audi cars to reward themselves; Knowing that the question of “what’s more novel to sell in 2020” has risen to No. 3 on the hot search list.

There are even some people who have compiled a history of the Internet tycoons’ stalls, Liu Chuanzhi, Zong Qinghou, Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, it seems that every Chinese entrepreneur, all through the stalls to set up their families.

All day long crowded in the Internet “factory”, by a variety of data, concepts hit the head of the Internet young people, are also fantasizing. They asked two questions: one is where they can put up their stalls, and the other is what they can sell. Where can put the stall, early good people carefully sorted out a “the most all-in-beijing stall site in history”, with the text “put the stall, after the wave.”

As for the source of goods, but also do not worry, micro-businesses at the moment have already been rubbing their hands. In the above group chat, micro-merchants have begun to peddle their own imitation bags, and said that “all manufacturers price.” Micro-businesses may never have thought that they should be reborn with their own stalls.

However, don’t assume that you have these conditions and you can smoothly set the show.

Zhengzhou, the price of a stall has been scrambled from 800 yuan / month to 3000 yuan / month, must also bet pay three, even then still “a stall difficult to find.” This means that you pay a lot of rent first, in addition to the cost of goods.

In Nanjing, the media visited the local city management department to ask if individuals could stand up. Local city management responded that the current guidance is mainly to facilitate businesses, for individuals to apply for temporary stalls, there are no relevant documents, “individual stalls, operability is relatively difficult, such as what individuals need to meet the conditions, how to apply, how to approve, these need specific rules.” “

The city management on the micro-blogging hot search to mobilize vendors to open the city of Ruichang, but recently by the media, said that there are vendors to reflect the city management designated temporary stalls too remote. During the peak night market, the two temporary operating points designated by the city management were left unmanned.

Red Star News reported that the local city management department denied that the designated location was unmanned, saying the two temporary operating sites “have many people during the day.”

The land-sharing economy is essentially a means of self-help for the people at the bottom to earn their living. Li Weifa, Ph.D., Philosophy Department of Zhongshan University and researcher of the China Rural Governance Center at Wuhan University, points out that it is easy for the bottom-level vendors to get small profits and to make great gains. “For most of the people at the bottom of the sector, it is difficult to rely on the stall economy to achieve direct class mobility, and access to business stalls provides only basic relief and security”.

However, in the marketing and show of the Internet people, “ground stall economy” has deteriorated, become a grand marketing of the participation of the whole people.

Produced “WindEye” in-depth reporting group Phoenix Net Technology Phoenix News Client

Editing by Xue Xing