Why is the air-dried towel as hard and rough as beef jerky?

Beijing time on June 5, according tomedia reports, in the sun clothes is considered to be healthy, and this is a very simple and energy-saving thing, dry clothes in the sun smell very fresh, but some clothes are not suitable for air-drying, bath towelised is one of the examples.

Why is the air-dried towel as hard and rough as beef jerky?


Why does a towel that dry on a rope be as hard and rough as beef jerky? The problem has puzzled scientists for a long time, but a team of researchers from Hokkaido University in Japan has solved the mystery, claiming to have cracked the “air-drying key” and had some important information about water during the study.

Speaking of which, most fabrics that are not made of plastic (except silk and wool) are made of plant-based materials, and cotton is a white fluffy fiber from a small shrub seed, while artificial silk, mordale, fibrous glue, acetate, and bamboo fibers are derived from wood fibers. Plant fiber is an organic compound that helps maintain the hardness of plant cell walls and is very absorbent, which is why we use cotton to make towels with better skin sensations than polyester. Water molecules attach to cellulose and are absorbed along cellulose through a process known as capillary, which can even escape gravity and attach water to the surface.

Because water is a polar molecule, that is, there is a positive charge on one side and a negative charge on the other, water is easily attracted by the charge. The team says that a separate cross-fibre structure of air-dried fabrics, such as cotton towels, actually acts as a “binding water” or that water is expressed in a unique way because its surface can attach some substances to a sandwich-like role, allowing the fibers to bind more tightly to each other. The latest study is now published in the recent lys in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

The team’s experiments showed that the combination of cotton fibers to water causes a “capillary adhesion” between the tiny fibers, which, when glued together, makes the fabric harder.

Ken-ichiro Murata, a researcher at Hokkaido University, points out that combining water itself shows a unique hydrogen bond state, unlike normal water.

Researcher Takako Igarashi said: “It is believed that fabric softeners can reduce friction between cotton fibers, but our results show that cotton towels combined with water promote spamples hardening, which provides a new perspective on how fabric softeners work and helps us develop better formulations, formulations and fabric structures.” “

Why is the air-dried towel as hard and rough as beef jerky?