What’s actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?

Within two days of the start of June, there were reports of a group called Mission T, headed by Audi CEO Markus Deesmann, whose main business is Dead Tesla, and which is understood to be planning to launch a new electric car in 2025, with a rather scented name called “Tesla Fighter.”

On the same day, Audi also set up a new business unit, Artemis. Note: Artemis, the hunting goddess and god of birth in ancient Greek mythology.

The Artemis project is headed directly by Alex Hitzinger, director of technology development at the Board of Directors of The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Management and senior vice president of the Volkswagen Group, who is responsible for self-driving. The company will focus on new technologies such as electro-electric and highly autonomous driving, with the aim of developing an efficient electric vehicle model, which is scheduled to be launched in 2024.

In addition, VW has also been doing a lot of things in the field of electro-electricity recently, first investing tens of billions of yuan in Jianghuai Volkswagen and Guoxuan Gaoke at the end of May, and then completing a $2.6 billion capital injection in Ford’s self-driving start-up Argo AI in early June, a determined determination to go to the end of the year with Tesla in the field of electro-electricization.

In fact, VW is now well aware that its products lag significantly behind Tesla in terms of range and intelligence.

Anxiety of battery life

In China, the VW brand has only a few oil-to-electric models that last less than 300 kilometers. In the context of domestic policy in 2020, these models are even disqualified from government subsidies because of their short range. The 470-kilometer Audi e-tron model still doesn’t match the Tesla Model S 650 km. Similarly, the Porsche Taycan, with a range of just 462km, is in the same awkward position as the Audi e-tron.

What's actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?

As for the MEB platform models that had been highly anticipated by Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen “ID.ID” and SAIC-Volkswagen “ID.”, both of which have a range of about 480 kilometers, although as a compact SUV performance is good, but still can not compete with the 600-kilometer Tesla.

What's actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?

The ID will be made by SAIC-Volkswagen.

So how does VW do it? We know that the essence of increasing the range is the same as fattening, there are only two ways to eat more and move less, that is, increase the battery, or reduce power consumption. Therefore, the Volkswagen Group has seen guoxuan Gaoke monomer energy density of 200 watt hours / kg of iron phosphate lithium battery and high energy density of the three-way lithium battery. At the same time, Volkswagen group has invested 450 million euros (about 3.5 billion yuan) to build a lithium-ion battery plant in Germany to increase VW’s battery capacity in Europe.

What's actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?

Volkswagen signs contract with Guoxuan Gaoke

At present, Volkswagen’s battery suppliers are not fixed, they and LG Chemical, Samsung, Ningde era and other enterprises have cooperation. Data show that VW’s contracts for battery purchases are close to $40 billion ($282.9 billion), so taking control of the battery factory in its own hands can save VW a lot of money.

The dilemma of intelligence

The problem of vehicle intelligence has also rattled the public. Tesla’s OTA is because people not only allow things like infotainment OTA, but also the brake, BMS and other underlying system OTA (FOTA).

This is achieved by a new set of electrical and electronic architectures. The Tesla Model 3’s electrical and electronic architecture consists of a central computing module (CCM), a left body control module (BCM LH), and a right body control module (BCM RH) to control the vehicle’s driving, cornering and stopping operations from the “domain fusion” to the “on-board computer” phase.

What's actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?

Image sgraphic direction of evolution of the electrical and electrical architecture given by Bosch

This good thing the public certainly wants, so they launched vw. OS, and Car.Software, the department responsible for related software development. VW is hoping to take advantage of the move to get rid of suppliers and catch up with Tesla on its own technology.

However, the implementation of this plan has not been smooth, at the beginning of the year, there was media exposure, has been sold overseas tens of thousands of Volkswagen ID.3 because of technical failures can not achieve OTA upgrades, requiring engineers to manually connect computers to complete the software update of each vehicle. Volkswagen engineers say the problem is that “the infrastructure of the software is developed in such a hurry that system components are often incompatible with each other and prone to errors”. Of course, half a year has passed, and VW has naturally solved these problems, and ID.3 will be delivered normally.

State Reviews

In the two-pronged and intelligent, Volkswagen set up a special team and Tesla to do the work, in fact, more like to set up a FLAG for themselves, forcing themselves to do a wave of big things. After all, when the boss, a time by Tesla overtaken, estimated that the public is also a sub-complaint in the heart. But VW didn’t reveal information about the new Tesla Fighter and Audi models. What kind of products will VW bring us in the next few years? Let’s look forward to it.

What's actually a Tesla Fighter for a new Volkswagen car?