Apple Watch fall test: Help save man’s life

The Apple Watch’s Fall Detection feature has helped save the life of a man who fainted in Chandler, Arizona, according tomedia outlet Apple Insider. The fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 detects if a user has fallen badly and alerts the local emergency services if the user does not respond within 60 seconds.

Apple Watch fall test: Help save man's life

On April 23, Chandler’s police dispatcher received a 911 call with an automatic voice, local media KTAR reported. Automatically generated information showed that a man wearing an Apple Watch fell and did not respond, and provided authorities with the exact latitude and longitude of the man’s location.

When officers and the Chandler Fire Department showed up, they found the man unconscious. “He could never give us his location or any information about what happened,” dispatcher Adriana Cacciola told KTAR. “He didn’t even know any help was coming until we were already there. “

For users 65 and older, fall detection on the Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Series 5 is turned on by default. Other users will need to set the feature manually.

When the user falls badly, the fall detection feature prompts the user to react and relieves the notification or contacts first responders. If the user does not respond to a reminder within 1 minute, the Apple Watch automatically dials the emergency services.

This isn’t the first time the Apple Watch’s fall detection feature has helped save people in distress. In 2019, when an Australian woman had a seizure, the feature reportedly alerted authorities. Emergency SOS, which allows owners of Apple Watch to contact emergency services from their wrists, also helps users in an emergency.

Apple Watch fall test: Help save man's life