Pro-black movement sparks consumer discontent Bezos: My position won’t change

On Friday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a screenshot of a message to disappointed consumers on Instagram expressing his support for the “Black Lives Matter” campaign,media reported. Screenshots show the consumer calling Amazon’s message of support for the campaign “disturbing” and “disgusting.” The consumer also wrote: “All life is life! “

Pro-black movement sparks consumer discontent Bezos: My position won't change

Critics of the “Black Lives are life” movement have always used similar phrases such as “all life is life” or “police life is life” to counter it.

“I don’t agree with you, ” Bezos wrote back. “The ‘Black Lives matter is a name’ doesn’t mean that other people’s lives don’t matter. Black lives are also important, in terms of racism, and in terms of the disproportionate risk that blacks face in our law enforcement and justice systems. “

Bezos also said that unlike black parents, he doesn’t have to worry about his children “who would be suffocated by their necks in detention one day.” He also said he supported recent protests against police violence.

“I want you to know that I support this protest movement that is going on around us, and that my position will not change,” Bezos wrote.

The recent death of George Floyd sparked protests across the country. On Wednesday, three former Minneapolis police officers were charged with assisting in the murder in connection with Floyd’s death.

So far, many companies have spoken out about Floyd’s death and police violence, including Amazon. On Wednesday, Amazon announced it would donate $10 million to Social Equality. The company also said on Twitter that we must stop “unfair and violent treatment of black communities.”

At the same time, a number of organizations have been critical of Amazon’s cooperation with the police in developing facial recognition technology. More than 1,000 police stations across the United States have partnerships with Ring, Amazon’s smart doorbell security system. In addition, human rights groups have argued that Amazon’s facial recognition technology, Rekognition, poses a threat to immigrants and religious minorities, and have called for a ban on the use of Rekognition.

Pro-black movement sparks consumer discontent Bezos: My position won't change