Taylor Swift inspires fans to track down her enemies over music use

Taylor Swift wants to own her own music rights — but she may have crossed the moral line this time, according to foreign media. On Thursday afternoon local time, the singer asked her huge fan Legion to contact music industry talent manager Scooter Braun and former record label Scott. Borchetta also told the two men how they felt about trying to stop Swift from performing her old hit songs on TV or using their old hits in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

Taylor Swift inspires fans to track down her enemies over music use

Apparently, fans wanted to contact Braun and Borchetta to know their contact details first, so they quickly began to track the couple and posted their personal contact information on Twitter – including phone numbers and home addresses.

Taylor Swift inspires fans to track down her enemies over music use

It is understood that there are more than a half-12 people on Twitter, and it seems fans are far more than that – #IStandWithTaylor (I’m quite Taylor) hashtag is going viral around the world, and Swift herself posted the call on her Instagram.

At first glance, Swift’s tweets may seem reasonable, but human flesh is an extremely serious problem, because once phone numbers and addresses are exposed, no one knows what the “passionate” anonymous fan base will do with them, and once those numbers and addresses appear on the Internet no one can put them back into the dark. It’s not just potential phone harassment, it can even lead to death, and someone can get a SWAT team to break into someone’s home by falsely reporting a fake gun or bomb threat.

It seems unfair that one of the world’s best-known pop singers does n’up to not having the right to own his own musical masterband — which is what this fight is all about — and not being able to use it as he pleases. If Swift tells the story of how her music ends in Braun’s hands, it’s very frustrating. Last year, Swift thought there was another option for the music, which she re-recorded, but the singer said that unless she gave up on the idea, Braun and Borchetta would not agree to her performance at the American Music Awards and use it in Netflix documentaries.

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