Can the phone SoC’s strongest spoiler sit on AMD on the mobile side and continue YES?

Friends familiar with mobile phones know that the mobile chip field is a smoke-filled market. Years of dominance usually sit in the top chair, enjoying the largest market share, and in the upcoming national 5G era, the long-silent MediaTek after the helio shock high-end failure and with the sky back, Samsung Exyons has recently been a new product, thinking of a piece of the pie.

On the other hand, mobile phone manufacturers are also aware of the strategic significance of self-research chips, Huawei’s Heath Kirin does not seem satisfied with self-sufficiency, from time to time there will be news of Kirin chip to take out, and in addition to Huawei, OV two manufacturers have also begun to expand manpower, increase the investment in the chip and Research and development efforts, of course, self-research chip this road is not so good to go, before there is only a chip launched after no sound, now the domestic purple light exhibition, Ruixin micro and other small factories can only be in the low-end market crawl.

But now there’s news that in areas where chips are so high, we might have a “spoiler” and a tough guy who looks pretty good.

AMD is also robbing the mobile phone processor business?

Recently,media reported that AMD is building a mobile-oriented platform-oriented chip, which belongs to the Ryzen series, named AMD Ryzen C7, from the exposure information, Ryzen C7 did not use the traditional X86 architecture, but to a more suitable mobile platform ARM camp, if the news is true, this will break the existing mobile chip pattern, for mobile phones and other mobile devices to provide more choice. But now the news has not been officially confirmed, and the exposure of the parameterspecifications is a bit too good, let me have to doubt the authenticity of the news.

Specifically, this over-the-top chip is manufactured using tsumpate 5nm process and is based on ARM’s latest architecture, consisting of a combination of 2 Cortex-X1 plus 2 Cortex-A78 plus 4 Cortex-A55, with an 8 core design that not only meets the standards of the next generation flagship SoC, but also meets AMD’s consistent high performance characteristics. On the baseband side, exposure reveals that Ryzen C7 will work with MediaTek to introduce the latest MTK 5G baseband, and on other specifications, Ryzen C7 supports technologies such as LPDDR5 memory, UFS3.1 flash memory, 144Hz refresh rate, 2K resolution, HDR10 plus, and 10bit color display.

Can the phone SoC's strongest spoiler sit on AMD on the mobile side and continue YES?

The possibilities are much more than mobile phones.

Judging by the luxury specifications of the Ryzen C7, we can be sure that it was built specifically for the flagship device, but will it be used for mobile phones? I don’t think AMD should be so reckless, after all, as a new player, it doesn’t make sense to choose this hellish-like arena at the beginning of a game that has never been involved in the mobile phone space. Based on the core portfolio of ryzen C7, it has a luxurious architecture of 2 large cores plus 2 large cores and 4 small cores, plus the MTK 5G baseband, which generates absoluteheat and power consumption, and the common challenge facing today’s 5G phones is heat dissipation, so the Ryzen C7 is clearly not suitable for compact phones with a compact interior.

Can the phone SoC's strongest spoiler sit on AMD on the mobile side and continue YES?

Since it doesn’t work with mobile phones, the most likely place for ryzen C7 is probably a tablet or game handheld, in fact, there were cases many years ago, when AMD’s old stand-up nVIDIA on graphics card launched its self-developed ARM chip, NVIDIA Tegra K1, when Tegra K1 chose to debut on The Xiaomi Tablet Generation 1 and, more interestingly, because Tegra K1 has a superior performance GPU. Many years later, many players are playing Xiaomi Tablet 1 in the second-hand market, and AMD, which also has the graphics genes, uses a four-core AMD Radeon RDNA2 Mobile GPU on the Exposed Ryzen C7, with a main frequency of 700MHz, a 45% performance improvement over the Adreno 650 used by the SnapSnapdragon 865, which is also highly anticipated in the Ryzen C7 GPU performance.

Can the phone SoC's strongest spoiler sit on AMD on the mobile side and continue YES?

Also mentioned here, many old friends must have known that Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU actually originated from ATI’s mobile division, a resource that was controlled by AMD at the time, but due to AMD’s financial difficulties, ATI’s mobile business was acquired by Qualcomm for $65 million, which resulted in Qualcomm greatly enhancing the graphics capabilities of its chips and the Adreno GPU. But in recent years, Qualcomm’s “squeezed toothpaste”-style upgrade strategy is really annoying, the architecture of the Adreno GPU has not been updated for many years, so AMD, a strong opponent if you can return to the mobile GPU field, will certainly break Qualcomm’s comfort circle, and even drive a new round of GPU arms race, to maximize the efficiency of the upgrade for users.

Then again, in addition to the tablet, the game handheld may be more suitable for ryzen C7 devices, the most popular handheld Nintendo Switch, the configuration is actually quite old, not to mention the coveted 720P large fruit screen, that is, the processor is also stuck in the 2015 release of Tegra X1, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a waste of a good leather bag, because the handheld has more space and more cooling power than the phone, and more performance Not only does the Ryzen C7 have the power of a powerful GPU, but the peripheral configuration is also built entirely by the standards of 5G devices, so once this chip is in the hands of the machine, if Nintendo can launch a Switch Pro, it will certainly become the game equipment that every little partner dreams of!

5G era looks forward to the future of mobile chips

Whether AMD will enter the mobile chip field is still unknown, the news has not been officially confirmed, but if the news is true, AMD can definitely compete for a ticket in the 5G era, whether it is for their own development, or for the general consumer is a good thing, this year AMD in the desktop platform has achieved a big turn, and in the mobile phone market, we also want to see him. In fact, after Qualcomm, Kirin, MTK and other manufacturers, any one of the high-quality competitors can promote more healthy competition, to provide users with a more comfortable experience, in the final analysis, the beneficiaries are always users, so we may wish to look forward to the future, together to witness the development of the mobile phone market!

Can the phone SoC's strongest spoiler sit on AMD on the mobile side and continue YES?