New Coronavirus Study: People Should Wear Masks When Having Sex

If you have sex during a health crisis with the new coronavirus and you don’t wear a mask, it’s the equivalent of putting yourself at risk, according tomedia. This may sound awkward for some, but given the way the virus is spread, such concerns make sense. Sex during a pandemic can benefit from extra protection, according to a study.

New Coronavirus Study: People Should Wear Masks When Having Sex


This isn’t the first time you’ve seen sex-related content in the new coronary guidelines. Not long ago, New York City released a document that clearly states how to have sex while the new corona outbreak continues. British lawmakers are also eager to come up with a set of safety guidelines to deal with pandemics and rules that would effectively prevent people from having sex under the same roof. This is not because the virus is transmitted through sex — it’s just a welcome result of the language used by officials in the new guidelines. A few days ago, the guide went viral on social media with the hashtag “sexban.”

We know that SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from person to person through saliva. These particles spray out when sneezing and coughing, but studies have shown that talking loudly is enough to make the particles leave one person’s mouth and turn them into aerosols for others to inhale. Keeping your social distance and wearing a mask, and frequent hand washing, can reduce the risk of new coronavirus transmission, strategies that have worked in most activities.

Now, three Harvard physicians have published a paper in Annals of Internal Medicine advising health care providers to inform patients about the risk of sex-related new coronary pneumonia. This article lists all types of sexual behavior and the risks associated with it. Abstinence and masturbation, as well as release through digital platforms, are low-risk sex, the researchers note. But they also acknowledge that abstinence is an unrealistic idea for many people.

The risk of having sex with people outside the quarantine area increases. The researchers advise people to avoid kissing and wear ingress sonmasks. They should also avoid the spread of body fluids through the mouth. Take a bath before and after sex, and cleaning the room where you have sex is a good idea.

The study suggests that survivors of new coronary pneumonia will gain a degree of immunity, and that these groups may not need to worry about the spread of the new coronavirus when they have sex. As for sexually transmitted diseases, that’s another problem.

New Coronavirus Study: People Should Wear Masks When Having Sex