Swedish environmentalist girl to Madrid on YouTuber’s catamaran

On November 13, local time, Swedish environmentalist girl Greta Thunberg set sail from Hampton, Virginia, to Madrid, Spain, foreign media reported. She will travel across the cold Atlantic with a family of popular YouTube video creators. It is reported that their voyage can be tracked online in real time.

Swedish eco-friendly girl to Madrid on YouTube video home catamaran

Thanks to Thunberg’s environmental activism, the teenager caused a global sensation and prompted students from around the world to go on strike in their classrooms to demand action on climate change. Given Thunberg’s reputation as an invited participant in international conferences and demonstrations around the world, she will avoid carbon emissions from flying elsewhere, according to her commitment to the climate crisis. So she flew from Europe to the United States in August for the United Nations climate summit in New York. Now, she needs to cross the Atlantic again to the next stop — and this time in cold conditions.

It is understood that when Thunberg arrived in New York, he was already thinking about his next trip — Chile, where the United Nations climate conference will be held in December. According to the original plan, she would travel to Chile by bus, train and ship, but the plan was disrupted. The country has renounced the right to host the climate conference because of unrest.

Last week, Spain announced it as the new host of the conference. In response, Thunberg tweeted: “It turns out that I’ve traveled half the world in the wrong way. Now I have to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November… I would appreciate it if someone could help me find the means of transportation. “

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu responded to the environmental activist’s request. It is understood the two Australians have been living in the catamaran of La Vagabonde, which they call home, for the past five years. They documented their adventures with their baby Lenny on YouTube, which has 1.18 million subscribers. La Vagabonde is equipped with solar panels, wind turbines and hydroelectric generators to power their low-carbon journey. During the four-week voyage, they will cut short their journey to bring Thunberg to Madrid before the end of December 13.

Swedish eco-friendly girl to Madrid on YouTube video home catamaran

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