“Pokémon Sword/Shield” is suspected of major bug to causes damage to local archive

Today (November 15), the GAME FREAK “Pokémon” series of orthodox sequel “Pokémon Sword/Shield” has been officially released, however, many gamers reflect that the digital version of “Pokémon Sword/Shield” automatic archiving function seems to cause damage to all game archives in the Switch machine. One of the anchors even “turned over” during the live broadcast, recording the entire process of archive damage.

“Pokémon Sword/Shield” Causes Archive Damage:

As can be seen from the anchor’s recorded video, the digital version of “Pokémon Sword/Shield” in the running times jumped out, and then the host found that the son card in the game data is all gone (the presence of Switch host body data is retained), even the helpless restart law can not save everything.

This is not just an example, many players have reflected this issue on Twitter, roughly confirmed as a major BUG of “Pokémon Sword/Shield”.

Officials have not yet to respond to the request, and players who have purchased a digital version of “Pokémon Sword/Shield” are advised to keep their game data safe (and some players recommend turning off the automatic archiving feature and using manual archiving).

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