New car sheds paint in less than a year, Tesla sues by owners

Tesla, as a leading brand in electric vehicles, is far ahead of traditional car companies in terms of power battery life and intelligent experience. But in vehicle manufacturing and craft control management, Tesla obviously has a certain gap. Previously, in addition to being spited out by the owner for assembly problems, it has now been sued by the owner for paint problems.

New car sheds paint in less than a year, Tesla sues by owners

Now, Tesla is facing a new class-action lawsuit over the severe damage to paint in the model 3 in cold weather,media reported. The owners are demanding compensation from Tesla and some financial compensation.

According to the owners of their Model 3 vehicles, their Model 3 vehicles degrade their paint at an alarming rate in the winter when they drive on snow-filled roads covered with salt and sand.

Tesla has previously acknowledged the problem and offered owners a “all-weather protection kit” free of charge, but the measure does not completely avoid aging damage.

Paint decline is particularly acute in Quebec, Canada, where there are many Model 3 owners. One of the owners, Francois Bayleros, decided to file a class-action lawsuit against Tesla for refusing to fix the paint problem.

In February last year, after a winter, Baylors noticed that less than a year’s-old Model 3 underlay paint had accelerated aging, according to court documents. He contacted Tesla about the issue, but Tesla refused to address it under warranty.

At the same time, the owner went to the local repair shop to repair the rusty underfloor and damaged paint, the result reached the price of 4,700 U.S. dollars (about 33,000 yuan). After several dealings with Tesla, they decided to sue Tesla and began looking for more owners who had suffered such damage, joining the lawsuit.

In the class-action lawsuit, the owners asked Tesla to pay for the depreciation of the vehicles due to paint problems, which are roughly equivalent to the cost of their own expenses. At the same time, Tesla was asked to pay an additional $500 for each affected owner as compensation.

New car sheds paint in less than a year, Tesla sues by owners