Apple gets new patent for long-distance “synthetic group selfie”

Apple has won a new patent to create a “synthetic group selfie,” according tomedia Outlet The Verge. If the software is successful, users will have the ability to take a group selfie without being present with anyone. According to the patent application, users seem to be able to invite others to take group selfies, and individuals are assigned to the picture accordingly. The patent also describes a window that appears on the screen of invited users, prompting them to take a group selfie.

Once the required user accepts the invitation and is positioned in the frame, the option sings for a group selfie can include “still photos, stored video images, or live streaming images.” These will allow users to have several different options when creating a composite selfie.

While the idea of taking a selfie seems appropriate in uncertain times, The Verge points out that Apple first applied for the patent in 2018 and only recently approved it. It is worth noting that Apple has filed a number of patents, and only some of the licensed patents can be granted.