Pichai delivers “You Will Will Prevail” graduation speech to 2020 graduates on YouTube

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CHIEF executive, delivered a virtual commencement speech to 2020 graduates on YouTube on Sunday, according tomedia. Google has released a speech for the speech entitled “You Will” which you can read in full below.

Pichai delivers "You Will Will Prevail" graduation speech to 2020 graduates on YouTube

Hello, students. Congratulations to the 2020 graduates, as well as your parents, teachers and all the people who have helped you to this day.

I never thought I’d be without a live audience… Give a commencement speech in my backyard. But it gives me a deeper understanding of what our YouTube creators are going through! I certainly never thought I’d share a virtual stage with the former president, the first lady, Lady Gaga and Queen Bey… Not to mention BTS.

I don’t think this is the graduation ceremony you think it will be. As you celebrate all the knowledge you have acquired, you may be sad about what you have lost: the actions you plan, the jobs you have won, and the experiences you expect. In such a bleak time, it is hard to find hope.

So let me jump straight to the end and tell you what will happen: you will win. This is not the end of a real speech, so don’t get too excited.

I know the reason you’re going to win is because a lot of people did it before you did it. A hundred years ago, classes graduated in 1920 entered the end of a deadly pandemic. Fifty years ago, 1970 graduates graduated from the Vietnam War. Nearly 20 years ago, 2001 graduates graduated a few months before 9/11.

There are numerous examples of this. They have to overcome new challenges, and in all cases they have won. The long arc of history tells us that we have every reason to hope. So, be hopeful.

I noticed an interesting trend. It is very traditional that every generation underestimates the potential of the next generation.

Because they don’t realize that one generation’s progress will be the foundation of the next. And that will require the emergence of a new generation to realize all possibilities.

I didn’t touch technology much in my childhood. We didn’t have our first phone until we were 10 years old. It wasn’t until I came to the United States to study graduate school that I had access to computers. And our TV, when we finally had one, had only one channel. So, imagine how amazing it is to talk to you today on a platform with millions of channels.

By contrast, your growth is accompanied by a variety of computers. It’s not surprising that you can ask any questions of the computer anywhere — what I’ve been doing for the last decade– anywhere. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make me sad, it makes me hopeful.

There may be some things that make you depressed and impatient with technology. Don’t lose this impatience. It will create the next technological revolution and enable you to build things that our generation cannot dream of. You may be equally frustrated with the attitude of our generation towards climate change or education. Be patient. It will create the progress the world needs.

You will make the world a better place in your own way. Even if you don’t know exactwhat how to do it. The most important thing is to have an open mind so that you can find what you like.

For me, it’s technology. The more my family has access to technology, the better our lives will be. So when I graduated, I knew I wanted to do something to bring technology to as many people as possible. At the time, I thought I could do that by helping to make better semiconductors. I mean, what could be more exciting?

My father paid the equivalent of a year’s salary for a ticket to the United States so I could go to Stanford. That was my first flight. But when I finally landed in California, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. House prices in the United States are very expensive. It takes more than $2 a minute to make a phone call home, and the price of a backpack is equivalent to my dad’s monthly salary in India.

Although california’s beaches are warm… But the water there is cold. Most of all, I miss my family, my friends, my girlfriend in India — now my wife.

Pichai delivers "You Will Will Prevail" graduation speech to 2020 graduates on YouTube

Pichai, a graduate student at Stanford University

During this time, I found a bright spot is the computer. This is the first time in my life that I can use my computer at any time. It completely surprised me. And at the same time, the Internet is really set up around me. The year I came to Stanford University, the year the browser Mosaic was released, it will make the World Wide Web and the Internet universal.

The summer I left, a graduate student named Sergey Brin met an engineering student named Larry Page. These two moments will profoundly affect me for the rest of my life. But at the time, I didn’t know.

It took me a while to realize that the Internet would be the only best way to get more people to get technology. When I realized this, I changed my direction and decided to pursue my dream at Google.

Inspired by the miracle that the first browser created for me, I led the 2009 launch of a browser called Chrome and helped Google develop affordable laptops and mobile phones so that growing students, in any community or village in the world, have access to information like all of you.

If I had been studying tirelessly in graduate school, I might get my Ph.D. today — which would make my parents very proud. But I may miss the opportunity to bring the benefits of technology to many people.

I certainly wouldn’t stand here with you as Google’s CEO. Believe me, when I first landed in California 27 years ago, I didn’t expect that. The only thing that got me there, apart from luck, was my passion for technology and an open mind.

So take a moment to find something more exciting than anything else in the world. not what your parents want you to do, or what all your friends are doing, or what society expects of you.

I know you got a lot of advice today. So let me leave my advice to you.

To open up… Be patient… Hope.

If you can do this, history will remember the 2020 graduates, not because of what you have lost, but because of what you have changed.

You have a chance to change everything. I’m optimistic about that, you will.

Pichai delivers "You Will Will Prevail" graduation speech to 2020 graduates on YouTube