Musk SpaceX Insider: Don’t be complacent, focus on starship

On May 30, 2020, local time, the manned Dragon spacecraft successfully launched and docked to the International Space Station, ushering in a new era of global commercial manned spaceflight. Just four days later, Starlink plans to launch its eighth batch of 60 satellites, another step closer to the completion of satellite Internet services. So, isn’t SpaceX, which has been buzzing in less than 10 days, taking a break from the Hot Search list lately? Not!

On June 6, 2020, local time, Elon Musk, who made history with his team, sent an internal letter to SpaceX employees saying:

Starship is top SpaceX.(Next we’re going to focus on the Starship project.) )

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

Media CNBC obtained the contents of the open letter exclusively.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

Musk’s open letter focused on two main messages, cNBC reported:

First, Musk wants employees not to be complacent about what they have achieved, but to focus on the Starship project to speed up the development of the next generation of Starship rockets.

Second, SpaceX will continue to build a base in Boca Chica, Texas, on the Gulf Coast.

The second is actually to meet Musk’s first expectation.

It is understood that most of SpaceX employees are currently based in Los Angeles or at two plants (one at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and one near Austin, Texas), and SpaceX has leased a plot of land in the Port of Los Angeles for the development of the Starship. But Musk clearly feels that the job is not enough, and he wants employees to move to the Boca Chica base to help develop the Starship.

It’s worth noting that Musk has said he will offer private jets to employees who want to move (sic) (sic, we will always s offer a dedicated SpaceX aircraft to shuttle). In fact, SpaceX has at least one private jet, and in the first quarter of 2020 it charged Tesla for using its aircraft. From this point, it is not difficult to see Musk’s emphasis on the progress of the Starship project.

According to CNBC, the Boca Chica team has started an endless pattern of work, but Musk himself is not happy with the results. Musk, who is also a frequent “supervisor” at the Boca Chica base, tweeted a bird’s-eye view of the base on the day of the release of the open letter, showing the rocket’s manufacturing site and the tents needed to produce it.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

Underneath the tweet, many lamented the extent of the change slot at the Boca Chica base, and Musk expressed confidence:

Gateway to Mars. (To Mars. )

When will the waves appear?

As anyone who follows SpaceX may know, the company, which was founded in 2002, has three main planning projects – Crew Dragon, Starlink Starlink, and Starship. Arguably, each project demonstrates Musk’s ambition to conquer space.

Many people should have heard more or less about the dragon ship that recently reached the top of the hot-soufal list.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

The starlink program, which is actually in public view for the first time in 2015, musk plans to launch 42,000 satellites, and the approved 12,000 Starlink satellite program, which is expected to cost $10 billion, has been launched in the eighth batch, and the program is steadily progressing; and SpaceX is applying to the Communications Commission for another 30,000 satellites.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

Behind a satellite that has been spit out by many netizens as space junk, it is the “satellite Internet” that is expected to be basically completed in 2024. At that time, satellite Internet will provide Internet services with at least 1Gbps of bandwidth to users worldwide at a very low cost.

In less than a week, the successful launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station and the successful launch of the eighth batch of 60 satellites by Starlink has paid SpaceX’s attention, and behind these two major events, the falcon 9 rocket has been the biggest credit.

It is understood that the Falcon rocket was named after the “Millennium Falcon” in the Star Wars series, and is known as the “9” because there are nine engines in the first stage of the rocket.

In fact, the Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX’s main business, completed its first launch on June 4, 2010, and has undertaken all of SpaceX’s launches over the past decade, with 85 missions to date.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

But at the same time, Musk is also working on the development of the “post-wave” starship.

In September 2017, Musk came up with the concept of building the Starship rocket into the next generation of launch vehicles that are expected to replace the Falcon 9, the Falcon Heavy Launch Vehicle, the Dragon spacecraft and other vehicles to carry out Earth orbit missions.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

In fact, the Starship is known as the strongest rocket on the surface, with a payload of 100 tons and can carry more than 100 people on long-distance interstellar travel.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

The most right-hand starship rocket

Some parts of the Falcon 9 could have been reused for cost reasons, and for the Starship, Musk’s vision was to make it a fully reusable design, so the Starship was more like a commercial aircraft with shorter cycles between flights.

In 2019, Musk unveiled a starship prototype made of stainless steel and is currently developing the rocket”.

But building the “strongest rocket on the surface” is not easy.

In addition, while the starship project is making progress, it has suffered four major setbacks so far.

The latest setback coincided with a huge explosion during testing on May 29, the day before the launch of the manned Dragon spacecraft.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

At that time, the Dragon spacecraft launched, Musk’s focus that day is not naturally above the starship, and told the media “first focus on manned flight.”

In fact, a few months ago, Musk’s focus was on manned flights.

In September 2019, the day before SpaceX released its latest prototype, NASA Director Jim Bridenine tweeted:

The Dragon spacecraft manned mission has been a long time coming. The enthusiasm for hoping to see SpaceX prepare for a manned mission of the Dragon spacecraft is as high as the enthusiasm for developing a starship, and now is the time to hand over the answer.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship

At the time, Musk responded that most of SpaceX’s resources and energy were focused on the development of the Dragon spacecraft.

And now, as SpaceX has lived up to NASA’s expectations, it’s no surprise that SpaceX is turning its attention back to the Starship project.

Expect more good news for this project.

Musk SpaceX Insider: Don't be complacent, focus on starship