Asrock another “goblinboard” force: AMD eight channel memory white castration 1/4

As the “King of The GoblinBoard”, Asrock has repeatedly demonstrated its own distinctive, always able to play some new tricks, the latest launch of an AMD Dragon platform motherboard, even eight channels of memory play into six channels. This new motherboard named “ROME6U-2L2T”, support AMD Naples generation dragon, Rome second generation dragon, they all support eight channels DDR4 memory, so the normal motherboard is eight memory slots, even can do 16, but Asrock partial only made 6, equal to become six channels, that is, intel is now the strongest level.

In this way, if the use of the second generation of Dragon is good, CPU core and memory through independent I/O Die communication, into six channels that is to lose some bandwidth, and if it is a generation of Dragon, no I/O Die, directly lead to a quarter of the core simply can not access memory!

Asrock didn’t explain why it was doing this, probably for scenarios that are insensitive to memory bandwidth. Maybe reduce costs? Maybe it might even be convenient for Intel Toyusers to upgrade (without adding memory)?

Among other factors, a key limitation is the motherboard space, as it uses a mATX plate shape, and in order to play 128 PCIe 4.0 bus, four PCIe x16 full-length expansion slots have been designed, directly resulting in no foot space into eight more memory slots.

Other specifications are not weak, such as 14 SATA interfaces (12 of which go mini-SAS), 3 U.2 interfaces (pcIe 4.0 x8 support), dual multi-megabit network cards (Intel X710-AT2), dual gigabit cards (Intel i210-AT), an independent network management port, and, a SPEED AST2500 graphics chip and VGA output interface, two USB.

Price don’t ask, when this product has a public offer …