Black, White and controversial Google Chrome will no longer use the word “blacklist”

In the United States, Europe and other Western countries, the BlackLives Matter movement is becoming more and more intense, this matter will not only affect people’s lives, even the technology industry will be affected. Google has now decided to give up two words from Chrome – blacklist blacklist and Whitelist.

As for why, we see “black, white” two words to understand, in the current atmosphere, the blacklist, white list of the distinction may be on fire.

Frankly speaking, Google is not doing this all because of the recent BlackLivesMatter movement, the word “blacklist” caused controversy is not only today, it is reported that Google in 2018 began to deliberately avoid the use of the word, but Chrome browser source code still has the word “blacklist”, after all, this is the industry used for years of habit.

With the word “blacklist” not used, Google programmers would replace it with a “Blocklist” (no-list), which changed by changing only one letter in English.

It is understood that there are about 2000 Chrome source code involved in “Blacklist”, which can not be used with a simple “find-replace” change of name thing, change the source code needs to test whether there is error, which still requires Google programmers to pay a considerable amount of labor.

But replacing a blacklist should be worth while it’s a controversial and incorrect problem.