5G has nothing to do with the new crown virus Twitter is “tagging” the wrong statements

Twitter is taking action to label the tweets as “fact check” in response to false claims that “5G networks are linked to the new crown virus.” Instead of deleting or hiding the tweets for the comments, Twitter posted a message that read, “Please learn about the facts of the new corona virus.”

Clicking, users are taken to a page called “5G does not cause a new corona virus” that debunks the conspiracy theory by linking to trusted media sites and other official sources.

In response, a Twitter spokesman told the media: “When the relevant errors appear, we will prioritise the removal of it.” But as we’ve said before, we can’t take enforcement action on every tweet that contains incomplete or controversial information about the new corona virus. “

Twitter last month promised to verify misinformation about the new corona virus. The move comes at a time when a large number of 5G base stations in the UK have been burned down and even telecoms engineers have been harassed in the streets. Apparently, these are related to false claims that 5G technology is related to the new corona virus. In the middle of last month, it was reported that about 77 5G base stations in the UK had been burned down.

Technology companies, including Twitter, Apple, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook, have long been accused of facilitating the spread of false claims linking 5G to the new corona virus by allowing content to be uploaded to its platform.

But in fact, there is no evidence that 5G is linked to the new coronavirus outbreak. The World Health Organization has also recently clarified that 5G does not cause new coronaviruses.