Microsoft’s New Edge Hidden Features – “Tag Grouping” Have You Ever played?

If several tags belong to the same site, grouping them into bulk management can greatly improve browsing efficiency, which is a hidden feature in the Microsoft Edge (Chromium kernel) – tab grouping Tab Groups. Tag Group Tab Groups is a hidden feature in Microsoft Edge (v83) that cannot be opened with options, and we can do so by:

Edge Browser Hidden Tag Grouping Features

1. How to open Tab Groups

1) Copy “edge://flags/#tab-groups” to the address bar to return;

2) Find the yellowed “Tab Group” and change the corresponding menu to “Enable”;

Set Tab Groups to open

3) When the modification is complete, the browser will prompt for a restart. Click ingres button and Tab Group will be turned on successfully;

2. Feature introduction

After the success of the opening, how to do?

1) Label grouping

To manage in bulk, the first step is to group labels. The method of grouping is to hold down the Ctrl key and click on the page to be grouped in turn (select the available Shift key in order, jump to select the available Ctrl key), and then right-click to select Add to new group.

Label grouping

When the group is complete, the same groups of pages are automatically arranged together, and in addition to adding the group color label below, a small dot is added at the first tab on the left, which is also the group’s action menu.

When the grouping is complete, it is colored by underlined

2) Bulk operation

Once the grouping is complete, you can bulk the same group of pages. The organized pages can be closed with one click and moved to a new window with one click. You can also name or re-select the colors of the group as needed. All of this is a small dot in front of the right-click group, which is then done with the help of a menu.

Bulk operations for groups

Named group

3) Modify group attribution

If you click on a link to a page in a group, the newly generated page will automatically belong to the group. In addition, you can add external pages to an existing or new group by right-clicking or dragging directly. If the group name was previously set, it will also be displayed directly, which is very intuitive.

Add an external page to a group

Write at the end

This feature of the new Edge is a bit like the color tag management introduced by IE8, but it is more mature and more efficient. Well, this is the introduction of this issue to everyone a small trick, interested in children’s shoes may wish to try it.