Netflix registers ‘Space Force’ trademark before U.S. military

Air Force, the new agency for the U.S. Armed Forces, which was established by the Trump administration in December, is now producing and airing a comedy of the same name starring Steve Carell on Netflix, according tomedia. It is understood that the U.S. military is not too concerned that the name of the fictional TV series may cause confusion among the public. However, It is reported that Netflix has acquired trademark rights for Space Force sonin-knaired in Europe, Australia, Mexico and elsewhere.

Netflix registers 'Space Force' trademark before U.S. military

Currently, the U.S. Air Force is only waiting to apply for the name of the U.S. Space Force because it intends to use it. Records obtained by the publication show that as early as January 2019, Netflix had submitted an application for the name of the “Space Force” to the international community.

The potential future conflict should reportedly lie in the sale of Space Force-related merchandise and the ability to figure out whether It was Netflix or the U.S. military that were selling them.

“At the moment, we don’t know if there’s any trademark conflict with Netflix’s fictional show Space Force,” an Air Force spokesman told the media. “

Netflix registers 'Space Force' trademark before U.S. military