Scientists seek 10,000 dogs to study the laws of aging and explore the secrets of human longevity

Scientists are conducting the largest-ever study of dog aging, hoping to find 10,000 dogs and the secret to human longevity, the newspaper reported. The program will reportedly collect a large amount of dog data, including veterinary records, DNA samples, gut microbes and information about food and walking. Of these, 500 dogs will also experiment with a new drug that slows the aging process.

Scientists seek 10,000 dogs to study the laws of aging and explore the secrets of human longevity

Daniel Promislow, director of the program and a fellow at the University of Washington School of Medicine, said: “The information we have is not only helpful in extending the life span of dogs, but also has great potential for human health. “

For example, if scientists find genetic markers of a certain cancer in dogs, they could be used in human research.

The study welcomed dogs of all ages and sizes, thoroughbreds and hybrids, the report said. Dogs who took part in the study simply lived in their owner’s house according to their old habits. Dog owners should regularly complete online surveys, see a veterinarian on time, and complete several additional tests for the dog. The Animal Welfare Advisory Group and a bioethicist will monitor the health of dogs.

The five-year study was launched on November 14 at a scientific conference in Austin, Texas. Deputy Director Marie Bernard said the American Center for Aging Research spent $23 million on the program, which allows dogs to live longer because they live in the same environment and can lead to faster results. The collected data will be made available to all scientists.

Kate Creevy, a veterinarian at Texas Agricultural University and the program’s lead scientist, said dogs now live longer and suffer from geriatric diseases more often than in the past.

Scientists say human love of dogs has fueled similar schemes. Dog owners are happy to fill out questionnaires, transmit records, and submit the size of the dog for analysis. If they think it will help extend the life of dogs, they will do so even if they don’t help their pets.

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