Domestic glass is only used to carry Tesla side windows: dislike or too expensive?

Tesla’s Shanghai Super factory off-line domestic Model 3 models, its side four-door windows and C-pillar small triangular side windows are equipped with domestic glass giant Fuyao’s automotive glass products. The front and rear windshields of the vehicle still come from Tesla’s established glass supplier, Saint-Gobain.

Domestic glass is only used to carry Tesla side windows: abandoned or expensive?

Earlier, there have also been media reports that Fuyao Glass has said that it not only for Xiaopeng, Weilai, Weima and other new energy vehicles to provide automotive glass products, but also for Tesla’s automotive glass suppliers. This time, however, it was the first time the outside world had seen Tesla’s real-life car equipped with Fuyao glass.

Tesla’s domestic Model 3, which has been on display recently, is understood to be identical to the mass-produced model, except for the lack of a manufacturing license. Also unexpected, model 3 in the future mass production process, will continue to use Saint-Gobain front and rear windscreen, Fuyao glass for the side of the four-door window and small triangular glass.

After years of painstaking development and operation, Cao Dewang will also Fuyao glass to go abroad, and has also built a factory in the United States. Fuyao Glass is currently China’s first and the world’s second largest supplier of automotive glass, ranking second only to Japan’s Asahi Nitro.

In addition, Fuyao has been focusing on automotive glass, and invested heavily in the development of a variety of functional glass with different properties. Today, Fuyao for Audi, Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Toyota and other major auto companies directly large-scale supply, partners around the world.

As for this time, Tesla only uses Fuyao as a side window glass, there have been people concerned to consult Fuyao glass official, but the official and gave a positive answer, said only Fuyao also supplied glass to Tesla.

In VW’s view, however, Tesla does not use Fuyao glass for multiple reasons for front and rear windshields. On the one hand, it may be because Tesla is in the quality and performance considerations, continue to use the original supplier Ofgoban supply. On the other hand, it is felt that Fuyao glass has no cost advantage, after all, Fuyao glass in the global market is also counted as a high-end brand. What do you think of this?

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