Microsoft: Confident in the game lineup, no need to deliberately reserve the game for the new console

Microsoft unveiled a number of games at the X019 conference, some of which were new IP slots created by Microsoft’s first-party studio. Some players were surprised to find that many of the games shown at the X019 conference were launched before next-generation host Project Scarlett, such as “Bleeding Edge”, March 24, 2020, “Minecraft´╝ÜDungeons”, April 2020, and “Waste Land 3”, May 19, 2020. Obsidian’s new IP “Grounded” will be released next spring, while the developer’s new work “Tell Me Why” will be released in the summer of 2020.

Microsoft: Confident about the game lineup, no need to deliberately reserve the game for the new console

For hardware vendors, they are generally used to deliberately leaving some “killer” games to prepare for the first launch of next-generation consoles and attract players to buy new consoles.

In response, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, explained in an interview with Games Industries: “We’re so confident in our lineup that we don’t feel the need to keep everything for that monster. ”

But At the X019 live event, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s game chief and executive vice president, joked that they had enough unannounced games to prepare for the foreseeable future, so next-generation host Project Scarlett started. There will certainly be a lot of first-party and third-party first-party escort games on the scene. It has been confirmed that the first escort game is Halo: Infinity.

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