Behind The Death of Vice President Boehner: It’s Going To Hard this Year, It’s Hard for Theater People

If the plan remains the same, June 10 japan should be the day when the rumored cinema officially reopens. But it is known that the day has not come, and in new rumours, the return of the cinema has been postponed until June 25. What is more terrible than disappointment is the bad news. Yesterday, Bona Pictures released a statement saying vice president Huang Qi died in the early hours of June 10 at the age of 52. In this news, there are comments that Huang Qi died by suicide, the Current Bona Film Group has not yet responded to this.

Sina Technology He Chang

According to the official website of Bona Film Group, Huang Qi has more than 15 years of experience in the cinema industry, is the vice president of the Cinema Branch of the China Film Distribution and Screening Association, has served in The Mei Media Group, served as the chairman and general manager of Xingmei Cinema Investment and Development Co., Ltd., director of the Chinese film star Mei cinema line company, has joined Bona Film Group since 2009, the current vice president, the general manager of the studio company.

Movie investment is the theater investment management, users go to watch the movie place is the cinema, the film is the actual manager behind the theater, can establish and acquire the cinema. In other words, a theater belongs to a film studio, but can join multiple theaters. At Bona Films, Huang was the man who led the business.

The leader left, and the city needed to be revived. Director Jia Zhangke in the retweet of the relevant content used four words – “industry sadness.” In a subsequent tweet, he said he should consider returning to production. “The second-level emergency response to a major public health emergency in Beijing has been downgraded to level three, and most of the country’s industry has been opened. Some movie companies lose 1 million a day, 1 million theater practitioners need to survive ah. He wrote.

Behind The Death of Vice President Boehner: It's Going To Hard this Year, It's Hard for Theater People

Many users issued such a sentiment: “the theater people this year is really too difficult.” One film practitioner said that watching peer-published circles of friends, feel more grief and anger. “The delay to return to work, everyone’s mood is helpless and puzzled, and now, to this moment, grief from it. “

Since January 24, a number of cinemas across the country began to close stores, in the middle of a small number of theaters in the middle of a brief resumption of work, but then again into a state of closure, the period of the box office is not ideal. Return to work, stop, hope, disappointment… In an interview with Sina Technology, a staff member at a movie theater in Shanxi has pointed out that it is not good for both the cinema and the cinema. “I can’t even count my little family’s accounts, and everyone’s having a hard time. “The staff member believes that the resumption of work actually means giving the cinema a buffer period, and while this does not mean that the door is open edging the need to have a user to watch the film, at least the staff will return to normal after work.”

Cinemas can’t open, theater staff can only get the minimum wage, and unpaid wages have become the “normal”. Thus, fancy self-help appeared, the sideline become the main business: Wanda Studios in the takeaway platform to open Haagen-Dazs ice cream, chips and other snacks and drinks, the earth cinema in the live broadcast to promote their own movie surrounding, Jinyi Studio test water card recharge to send popcorn activities… … In addition, some cinemas have also launched movie-watching packages, hoarding and then watching – the equivalent of an early consumption, as far as what has been lost, it is difficult to make up.

The cinema is struggling to support it, and the video platform is preparing for a move. From the premiere of “Mommy” network, “Mommy” “Big Winner” “We never give up” and many other films have been turned into streaming media embrace. Looking at the global film market, NBCUniversal will be three of its films in the theater line “Invisible Man” “Hunting” “Emma” online digital on-demand, “Wonder Woman: The World Tour” directly skip the window period, release digital on-demand, not only that, Disney, Warner and other giants have taken similar action. Although this may be a special choice for a special time, it is hard to say that once a mouth is opened, it will not affect the film industry and the cinema itself, and perhaps even more frightening may be the habit, if the user is used to online movie-watching what? Does cinema matter in life? Is the sense of ritual really irreplaceable?

On June 5, the National Film Administration said in a notice that the opening of cinemas throughout the country must be carried out in a unified schedule, and that the relevant departments are actively organizing the source of the film, producing the hard disk and key of the film, and arranging the release schedule in due course. Earlier on May 8, the State Council issued guidance, saying that under the premise of implementing prevention and control measures, it will adopt reservations, restrictions and other means, open movie theaters and other closed entertainment and leisure venues.

In addition to the expected reopening of about 1,000 theaters around the world by July, AMC is analyzing its theaters to determine which theaters will be permanently closed due to a lack of profitability,media reported.

Mall business, food recovery, school opening, stalls coming… The film industry is still waiting for the day when a real recovery is made. “I really miss the light in the cinema. One user wrote on the social platform.