German lawmakers vote to force Apple to open Apple Pay and contactless payments on iPhone

Earlier reports said Apple had attracted the attention of the European Competition Commission for monopolizing NFC readers on the iPhone, which prevented other payment companies, such as banks, from supporting contactless payments directly on their phones. In this case, the bank must subscribe to Apple Pay and pay Apple a percentage of the fee. This is the opposite of Android, where users can set any app as a contactless payment provider.

A German parliamentary committee voted last night to force Apple to open its payment platform on the iPhone, Reuters reported today. The legislation, which does not directly name Apple, was added as an amendment to the anti-money laundering law. Apple was surprised by the amendment. “We are surprised that this legislation has suddenly been introduced,” Apple said Friday. We are concerned that this draft law could compromise user-friendliness, data protection and financial information security. ”

While Apple is certainly not happy with the move, it may end up with an end, as the European Competition Commission has begun talks with operators in the industry to look for possible anti-competitive market practices and abuses. Apple would do well to move ahead of any action in the EU.

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